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Keep Bad Smells at Bay with These Tips

February 27, 2015

How to Keep Your Potty Smelling Fresh


Taylor Portable ToiletsA portable toilet is a temporary enclosure containing a toilet bowl filled with disinfectant rather than water. The toilets are often found at construction sites or large gathering events. The construction of a portable toilet is lightweight plastic. The free standing structures are designed to accommodate a single occupant and most toilets include a lockable door. Portable toilets that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are available for handicap use. Portable toilets are generally available for a short term and long term use.

How to Keep a Portable Toilet from Smelling?

While portable toilets are convenient and functional, they can become foul from continued use. It is important to keep the facility smelling as fresh as possible. There are ways to keep a portable toilet from smelling. in addition to regular cleaning.
Air fresheners should be placed inside the toilet to help mask any odor and changed often.
The door should be left open when not in use to allow for additional ventilation.Used toilet paper should be placed in a separate bag rather than thrown in the toilet The paper decomposed slowly and will add a stronger odor to the toilet facility.

The Importance of Weekly, or Regular Cleaning Services

Weekly cleaning services will keep the facility germ free and sanitary. A foul smelling facility will not be used and will encourage possible users to search for bath room facilities elsewhere and the options may not be desirable. Weekly cleaning assures the customer of a facility that is fully stocked with toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer, as well as being sanitized to prevent the transfer of germs. Weekly cleaning also keeps the facility smelling as fresh as possible to encourage use.

Why Choose a Portable Toilet Rental Company that Cleans out the Toilet on a Weekly or Regular Basis

Unless cleaning toilets is your thing, it is always best to choose a rental company that includes cleaning and maintenance. The rental company will have the equipment and supplies to perform the necessary task effectively and with the necessary efficiency.Taylor Portable Toilets
The rental company will make sure the facility is as fresh and appealing for use as possible. The company will make sure the toilet paper is well stocked and if fresheners are used, they will change them regularly. The rental company will remove the waste from the toilet regularly to minimize smell, as well as scrub the walls, floor and ceiling
Need a portable toilet for your next event near Taylor? Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609!