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About Us

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s Your Sanitation Checklist for Your Upcoming Events

October 18, 2017

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, which means that there is an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for this disease that touches so many of us in Taylor, TX and across the world.

One such way to accomplish both of these objectives is to hold a fundraising event. It can take whatever form you like (a gala, a race/walk, a party, a concert and the list goes on). Gathering people together to share resources, raise money and celebrate life is a great way to mark Breast Cancer Month.

Hosting a successful event takes planning, particularly around your sanitation needs. Here is a sanitation checklist to make it easier.

Forecast of the Event and the Menu

It’s time to plan the scope of your event. Is it indoors or outdoors? What is your fundraising objective? How will you accomplish that?

What time of day is your event being held at? Answering simple questions like this can help you determine the logistics of your event and what kind of equipment that you’ll need.

Even if your event is indoors and you do have access to some restroom facilities, consider that you may need to bring in additional support for the day, to ensure that your guests are comfortable and that your event is successful.

Don’t forget handwashing stations too. You’ll need one handwashing station per 4 portable restrooms. Another important item you’ll need to decide on is food for your event. Are you serving a meal? Will food be available to purchase as part of fundraising? Will you serve alcohol (you’ll need to investigate securing a permit)?

Number of Guests and Duration of Event

How many people do you anticipate attending your event? How long will it last?

If your event will last over several days, use the anticipated headcount for your largest day as your guide.

There are varying recommendations, but a good guide is to have a regular single restroom facility for every 50-75 people over a 4-6 hour event.

This number will go up if you are serving food, and up again if you are serving alcohol.

Special Needs Accommodations

It is essential that your sanitation facilities be accessible for all, even those with mobility issues or other special needs requiring accommodation.

Be mindful of the placement of facilities, both in terms of distance from the “main” event and in terms of accessibility.

The rule of thumb is to add 1 special needs accessible restrooms per 20 regular restrooms, so that you’ve got the proper ratio. Make sure that your portable restrooms are large enough to accommodate any extra equipment that people may require.