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It Pays to Have a Great Portable Potty Service at Your Side!

September 18, 2015

Unexpected Reasons to Order Portable Toilets

There are several reasons why someone would need a portable toilet. Some of the obvious reasons why a portable toilet would be needed are at construction sites, large events where regular indoor toilets are not accessible, or at a get together with many people at a place of residence.

Sometimes a portable toilet is necessary for an unexpected event.

Taylor Fall Home MaintenancePIPES FREEZE

In the cold winter months pipes tend to freeze. Whether it is in a family residence or a business, pipes can freeze depending on the moisture and temperature of the ground. When pipes freeze no water will be able get into effected the building or residence.

If no water can get in, then toilets would not be able to flush. A portable toilet would come in handy during the time the pipes were frozen. Sometimes it can take days for pipes to become free of the ice build up.


Another unexpected reason why a place of business or a residence may need a portable toilet is when a water or sewer pipe breaks. Water and sewer pipes can break because of tree roots, age of the pipes, a back-up in the sewer lines, or for other reasons.

If a water pipe breaks, no water would be able to reach the toilet in order to flush it. If a sewer line is broke, sewage could back up into the toilets of the business or residence. Whether it is a broken water line or sewer line, a portable toilet would come in extremely handy in this situation. It can take a long time for a water pipe or sewer line to be replaced.


When there are tornadoes, hurricanes, or other natural disaster, people still will need to use a toilet. If and when a natural disaster occurs, there will not be many options when it comes to the use of a toilet. A portable toilet would be useful in situations of a natural disaster.

Disasters caused by nature can destroy many things for a long period of time. Even if people have to sleep in tents for awhile after a natural disaster, a portable toilet would be a necessity.

Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 to prepare your Taylor, TX event with adequate restroom facilities– no matter the weather!