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How to Reduce Odors and Germs Inside Portable Restrooms

November 19, 2021

Portable restrooms are not typically known for smelling great, but that smell can definitely be improved with proper maintenance. Keeping your Honey Bucket clean will also highly reduce the presence of germs. And as we know, some of these germs can make people really sick. If you are planning a major event or a construction project, making sure the restrooms are kept clean for your patrons or employees is especially important.

The best way to make sure that your portable restrooms are being cleaned regularly enough is to calculate how many attendees you plan to have at an event, and how long the event will be held. For construction sites, you’ll need to know how many workers are estimated to be on site during the work week.

Cutting down odors and germs in your portable toilet

One way to make your portable toilet as germ free as possible is to offer paper seat covers in your unit. The seat cover guards people from the germs of the toilet and it also keeps the toilets seat clean. The paper seat cover is a great tool to keep your portable toilet clean.

We also offer hand washing stations for people to wash their hands using antibacterial soap. This helps to neutralize any germs that people who have used your portable toilet have come into contact with. Antibacterial soap is a necessity in any public restroom and it is especially necessary in a portable toilet.

To neutralize the smell, we use a blue liquid solution in each of our portable restrooms. This solution goes in the water of the toilet and they reduce the number of germs and the keep the unit smelling clean.

Not quite sure how many restrooms you need or how frequently they should be serviced? Not a problem. You can use our handy Event Calculator on our website, or give us a call. We are always happy to assist.