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How To Easily Clean a Porta-Potty

September 21, 2018

Having portable toilets on-site can be a great way to add some convenience to your construction site, fair, or outdoor gathering. While we enjoy these comforts at the time, we hardly consider what it takes to clean a porta-potty.

Although it works the same, a portable toilet isn’t your toilet at home, and it requires a specific cleaning process that needs to be done properly. Before you clean your on-site porta-potty, be sure to read our helpful tips. With a little guidance and some patience, your portable toilet will be clean and ready for use in no time!

Empty All The Waste

“emptywaste”First things first, while you may not want to do it, the first way to start cleaning any porta-potty is to remove the waste. Depending on the type of portable toilets you’re using, they may have a removable drum or a built-in tank.

If the drum is removable, you’ll take it out, remove the waste, and clean it. If it’s a built-in holding tank, special vacuum pumps are used to pump the waste out.

This needs to be scheduled with an expert company, or the tools are sometimes rentable. It’s always a good idea to know how you’re going to clean the portable toilet before setting one up.

Disinfect & Clean The Bowl

Because you know exactly what takes place in the porta-potty, you’re going to want to clean and disinfect it as thoroughly as possible. This will have plenty of benefits including:

  • Prevents bacteria
  • Reduces odors
  • Keeps the surrounding area safe
  • Makes things safer to use

How thorough your cleaning is, depends on how much time you plan on spending. A simple wipe down of the toilet seat and surrounding areas can make things more user-friendly. You can also scrub the walls and floor for an even cleaner feel.

Spruce Things Up

Now that the portable toilet is clean, it’s time to get things ready for use. All porta-potties need to be charged before use. This generally includes the addition of new water and additive to help keep things smelling fresh for longer. Similarly, you can take the time to add some additional air fresheners for a more pleasant experience.

If you’re in charge of the portable toilet, it’s also a good idea to stock up on toilet paper and be on the lookout for any indicator of damage. Older portable toilets can suffer from water leaks like traditional toilets, which can be a serious issue.

Hire An Expert Instead!

“hireprofessionalIf that all sounds like more than you’d like to take on, then your best bet is to hire a professional instead.

A reliable professional will handle delivery and maintenance to ensure you can focus on your even on construction. Honeybucket is your reliable portable toilet experts in the Taylor area.

We offer on-time delivery and no-stress solutions for campgrounds, events, and building sites. And because we don’t want our customers cleaning their own portable toilets, we also clean and disinfect units for safe and convenient use.