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How Should Portable Potty Renters Deal With Winter Conditions

November 20, 2015

Winter Portable Potty Care: How Should Portable Potty Renters Deal With Winter Conditions

Renting out portable potties can be quite a lucrative business if it is done right, but there are some precautions that you should take when you are renting our portable toilets during cold weather. If the temperature drop below freezing, you could end up having some problems on your hands, so here are some tips for portable potty dealers, who deal with renting out toilets during the winter months.

Taylor, TX Portable Toilet Pick Proper Locations

One of the most important things to consider, even when you are dealing with warmer weather conditions, is where you should place the portable toilets.

The most important aspect, especially for the company that is renting out the toilets, is easy access, which will allow the toilets to be dropped off, picked up and cleaned and emptied when necessary. However, during the winter time, especially if it is also snowing outside, you need to pick your location very wisely. Avoiding areas that might get blasted by a snow plow and areas that might get stacked up with snow are good ideas in this type of weather.

Weatherizing Portable Toilets

The most important aspect of keeping toilets from freezing in the winter time, when temperatures are likely to get well down below freezing, is by adding chemicals to the water to prevent the water and contents of the toilet from freezing. You likely have seen the blue additive that is in toilets on air planes and on buses, and in various other toilets, and a similar liquid that is made up of chemicals that prevent liquid from freezing is absolutely necessary.

You may have a construction site, or something similar that has no choice but being left outside in the cold, so adding this type of additive to the toilet will make sure that the contents do not freeze. This is something that every portable toilet dealer should be aware of, even if you think that there is very little chance that the temperature where you live will ever get too low.

Freezing Conditions

If the weather drops below freezing, or is even anticipated to possibly do so, you may want to have the toilets on a platform that is heated, which you can keep on at all times when the temperature is getting low. You can have a real problem on your hands, or at least a huge mess to deal with, if the bottom of the toilets freeze.

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