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How Many Portable Toilets Does Your Event Need?

March 6, 2015

Event Potties FAQ’s


Taylor Portable PottiesAs you start to plan your event there are many things you want to take under consideration. One of the most important is how many portable toilets you will need to make your guests happy. We have all been to events where there is never enough bathrooms.

As a result you do want to make your event unforgettable and memorable, however, you don’t want people remembering your event for it’s lack of portable potty protection.

What Is An Efficient Way To Decide How Many Portable Toilets To Order For Your Event?

How many portable toilets do you need and better yet, how do you determine this number? When making this calculation you have to take several things into account. First how many people are you going to have at your event?

You should plan on one portable toilet per fifty guests. However, if your event is going to last a long time, you should plan on more portable toilets. The longer the event and the more people who show up, the more portable potties you should have. There is also the feeling of making sure you have one set for males and one set for females. This all depends on your personal preference and they type of event you are having.

Where Is A Good Place To Put Them?

When you are looking for a good spot to put your pot, you have options. Many people put them somewhere that they can be seen. Other people place them hidden and out of the way. It’s really up to you and depends a lot on your location set up.

You want to keep these toilets away from food but, you could place them close to the bar station if you have one or a smoking area. Some people place them right near the front entrance. This can be a blessing or a curse, again, it all depends on your sights set up. The thing to do is select a place that is easy to find and still out of the way.

What Other Things Should Be Considered When Ordering Portable Restroom Facilities For An Outdoor Event?

we already talked about the site set up. However, one thing we did not talk about is the size of the rest room that you are providing. They do come in many sizes and you might need to use a different size depending on the location and placement of the portable toilet.

Another thing you will want to take into consideration is the fact that you should have a handicap capable portable toilet at the ready. You never know if one or more of your guests will need to have this. It never hurts to plan for one just to make sure.

If you’re in need of portable toilets for your next event look no further than Honeybucket! Call us at (512) 309-4609 for impeccable service in the Taylor area!