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How do you cut down on the odors and germs within the portable unit?

June 13, 2014

Cutting Down on Germs and Odors in a Portable Toilet

Porta-PottyPortable toilets have a reputation for being a breeding ground for foul odors and germs. Germs can cause serious illnesses. Our company ensures that this will not be the case with our toilets. The best way to guarantee the cleanliness of your portable toilet is to hire an attendant to clean it once or more per week. In the absence of this, there are things you can do to cut down on germs and odor.

One way to avoid germs is by using paper seat covers in the unit. The disposable seat cover not only guards the person from germs, it also helps keep the portable toilet clean. Providing a hand washing station with antibacterial soap helps remove germs that may come into contact with the hands. There are deodorized detergent solutions available that can be used in the toilet’s water that can reduce the amount of germs plus keep the unit smelling fresh.

The main way to cut down on germs and odors is, of course, to keep the unit very clean. Proper cleaning includes sanitizing and disinfecting. First, you clean all of the surfaces, removing all dirt and contamination with soap or detergent and water. Sanitizing can be achieved by using a mixture of bleach and water on all surfaces. You can make a disinfectant by increasing the strength of the bleach and water mixture, or you can purchase an antimicrobial substance that is used to suppress the growth of harmful microorganisms. After the disinfectant is used, you can let the whole area air dry.

You should not use air fresheners to remove odors. Their purpose is to mask odors, not remove them. They also can aggravate certain health conditions such as asthma. You should also make sure that when you clean the unit, you wear appropriate protection such as gloves.

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