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How do I maintain my holding tank?

November 8, 2013

How to Properly Maintain Your Holding Tank


A holding tank isn’t something a homeowner should take for granted. Holding tank disasters can lead to foul odors that take over your home, overflowing toilets, and sinks that back up into your bathtub. Fortunately, these issues can be prevented with the right tank supervision and maintenance.

It’s important to have a certified plumbing technician inspect the functionality of your holding tank in order to prolong its life and prevent problems in the future. Doing so helps to protect your septic system and keep it in good working order. How often an inspection takes place depends on the holding system that you own or if your system has had problems in the past. Factors such as soil and how old your tank is also play a role in how often your tank should be inspected.

In addition to routine inspections, it’s important to have your holding tank pumped professionally once every three to five years. The frequency in which your tank needs to be pumped depends on how much water your home utilizes. If there are several people living in your home, your tank will fill up quickly, requiring that your tank be pumped more often. To prevent the need for frequent pumping, it’s wise to conserve water whenever possible and avoid draining gutters, swimming pools, and hots tubs into the tank. Any leaks should be fixed by a plumber as soon as possible as running toilets and leaking faucets will cause your tank to fill up rapidly as well. Additionally, be conscious of what materials go down your toilet and drains. If you have small children, educate them on what things can and can’t go down the toilet and drains.

Know the location of your holding tank and only grow grass or plants that have shallow root systems. Large rooted plants can puncture and compromise your tank. Need to maintain the holding tank your Taylor home? Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 today!