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How can I maintain my holding tank properly?

March 7, 2014

Tips on Maintaining Your Holding Tank


When it comes to a holding tank, unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong. For example, you can end up with a toilet that overflows and causes bad smells to remain in the home as well as tubs and sinks that back up. Fortunately, these problems can be avoided by maintaining your holding tank properly.

First of all, it is important to have a professional inspect the holding tank. Generally, inspections are affordable and will help prolong the life of the holding tank. When a professional inspects the holding tank it offers homeowner’s peace of mind and reassurance that it is working properly and in good condition.

Another great way to keep a holding tank properly maintained is to make sure professionals pump it every three to five years. Whether it is three or five years will be dependent upon how often water is used in the home. Logically, the more people in a household, the more often and the faster a water tank will be filled up and used. To avoid having to get a water tank pumped too often, a homeowner should keep track of water usage.

Whenever a homeowner experiencing a running toilet or any leaks calling a plumber will help keep a holding tank properly maintained. A holding tank can fill up very rapidly. Make sure you also know where the holding tank is located. Do not plant anything with big roots near a holding tank or place anything that is overly heavy on top of the area. With time, roots can puncture and damage a holding tank.

Do not drain anything around a holding tank like pools, gutters and hot tubs. The spill off water can potentially reach the holding tank and fill it up. Keeping a holding tank properly maintained will save homeowners money down the line.

Need help keeping up with the holding tank your Taylor home? Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 today!