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How can I clean my portable sink?

June 20, 2014

How Can I Clean My Portable Sink

Portable SinkThere are many uses for portable sinks. You often think of porta-potties and portable sinks at fairs, but they are also used at wedding receptions, playgrounds, and they also come in handy for personal use.

More and more people are buying portable sinks for their own use. They are especially useful in garages or work sheds where your hands can get very dirty. Instead of washing your hands inside and dirtying up your nice kitchen or bathroom sink, why not wash up in a portable sink? It can also be used to clean boots and shoes instead of tracking dirt in the house. It’s also perfect for cleaning paint brushes, keeping harmful chemicals from your inside sinks.

The way the portable sink works is you fill the fresh water tank with water. The water goes through an electric water pump for cold water and goes through an electric water heater for warm water. The used water goes into a waste water tank.

The cleaning is relatively easy. You just need to dispose of the water when the waste water tank is full either by calling your service technician or you may dispose of in a concrete floor drain. You’d be wise to purchase your portable sink with a waste water tank that has an alarm to alert you when the tank is becoming full. This will give you peace of mind and you won’t always be wondering if the tank will overflow. There is a pump on the waste water tank that makes it easier to pump out your waste water into your concrete floor drain.

For cleaning the actual sink itself, regular household cleaning products you use indoors for your bathroom or kitchen sinks will suffice. Products like Comet or Ajax are good because they are strong cleaners. Since the portable sink is not inside your home, no worries about cleaners being too abrasive.

The main benefit of having a portable sink is preventing dirt and other chemicals from ever entering your home and if this is a concern for your family, a portable sink purchase is well worth the cost.

Looking to rent a portable sink in Taylor? Call Honeybucket today at (512) 309-4609 for top-notch services!