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Hide an Unsightly Porta-Potty with These Fantastic Décor Tricks

January 18, 2018

Decorated Porta-Potty

While porta-potties serve a very important function, they do have a distinctive look that doesn’t necessarily mesh into every style setting. However, you’d be surprised at what a little creativity and vision can do to transform a porta-potty that at first glance seems unsightly, but seamlessly becomes part of the décor.

For your next event in Taylor, TX, here are some ingenious design tips to blend your porta-potty into your décor.

Elegant Event Decorations

Elegant EventIf you are hosting an elegant event like a wedding or a formal party, details matter, and that holds particularly true when it comes to your porta-potty. Think of what you can do to enhance guests’ experience.

Start by stocking the porta-potty with high-end toiletries. Hang a funky vintage mirror over the sink to add a certain element of class. Cover the walls with paintings, prints or even photo collages of the bride and groom (if you are hosting a wedding).

To decorate the porta-potty’s exterior, use a barn door to add some ambiance. Drape canopies over top of the porta-potty. Use local nature, trees and shrubs. Hang strings of white lights around the trees and the porta-potty unit itself.

One other note; make sure that the porta-potties that you select are of ample size for guests to use the restroom comfortably and not damage or wrinkle their formal clothing.

Block Party Decorations

Block PartyThrowing a party for the whole block? Better have enough restrooms on hand and you better make them look great.

If your budget is large and you can get your hands on them, put porta-potties inside of old-fashioned phone booths.

Is your block party for the 4th of July or some similar holiday? Flank flags or other appropriate décor to your porta-potties. Balloons are always fun and will go a long way to jazz up your porta-potty.

Children’s Party Decorations

Children Party Porta-pottyThe sky’s the limit for your porta-potty at your child’s party. Inside the porta-potty, hang a whiteboard with erasable markers or a chalkboard. Don’t forget step stools so that your youngest guests can reach the toilet and the sink area.

On the outside, think streamers and bright colors. Attach décor that complements your theme. Make your porta-potty “under the sea” or for “super-hero-use only”.

Did you know the many of benefits of renting porta-potties for your event- and not just if you are hosting something outdoors? If you are having a crowd at your home, it is a wise move to place a porta-potty on site for your privacy and for guest comfort. Find out more today!