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Group Camping Made Easy

April 6, 2015

Planning Group Camping Trips


Taylor Portable toiletSo, you’re planning a group camping trip and you want to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. One of the best investments you can make for your trip is a portable potty. This will more than pay for itself if you have a large group — and for camping, “large” starts at five!

Maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to think about how a portable potty could make your camping event better. Consider these three important angles that will make a huge impact on how enjoyable things will be for your campers:

A Portable Potty Improves Sanitation

Sanitary items are typically at a premium when spending time with a large group in the great outdoors. Supplies don’t usually last as long as individual campers believe they will, so having a portable potty will help ensure things stay clean, safe and sanitary for the entire group. This will keep camper morale high and make repeat attendance of your events more likely.

A Portable Potty is Truly Convenient

There’s plenty of danger associated with doing your business in the woods, particularly late at night. A portable potty kept in a convenient location — not too close to campers, but not too far — is a perk that can lower the incidence of animal encounters, falls or problems with poisonous plants. Folks who might be “on the fence” about your event will be more likely to attend it, too!

A Portable Potty is Best for NatureTaylor Event Planning

When camping, one of the most important rules to remember is to “leave no trace” of yourself and your camp setup after you leave. It’s not surprising that this includes human waste! No one wants to be left on “cleaning duty” when it comes to waste, but leaving it on the ground can attract animals, disrupt the local wildlife and even create dangers for other campers. A portable potty makes things easy.When it comes to making your group camping event a success, a portable potty makes a huge difference. When campers don’t have to worry about “necessities,” they can focus on the fun and exciting activities you might have planned for your time together.

Luckily, it’s never been easier to get your own portable potty for any trip. A clean, safe and sanitary portable potty is just a click away, so get one today.

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