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Greener Potties Make for Greener Parties

August 21, 2015

Portable Potties and The Environment: How Portable Toilets Reduce Water and Energy Waste

When it comes to wasting waters, one of the biggest offenders in the home is the toilet. There is no question that the average toilet wastes an extreme amount of water, although the more modern day toilets that are now being sold conserve a lot more water in the long run.

Taylor Water Conservation and Sustainability ServicesPortable potties save a great deal of water and energy, which is incredibly important to the ever so popular green movement that has swept the nation, so they can be a great way to go in certain situations and applications. Here are some major ways that porta potties can be an integral part of saving precious resources.

Reduce Water Waste

Your average toilet is notorious for wasting a drastic amount of water; therefore if you have the option of utilizing a portable potty, you could be saving a great deal of water in the long run.

Most regular toilets in the Taylor area flush a handful of gallons of water with each and every flush and when you multiply that by a ton of flushes, you can start to see why using a portable potty might be extremely advantageous. Portable potties do not use any water and do not have a flushing mechanism; therefore they do not use the water that is necessary in a normal toilet.

Use Virtually No Energy

Toilets do not flush by themselves and each and every time that the handle is pulled, energy is needed. Just as the portable potty reduces the amount of water that is needed, the energy needed is eliminated entirely as well. Although the portable potty will need to be emptied and cleaned after a period of time, the overall reduction in the amount of energy that is needed is reduced by a lot.

Thinking About Getting a Portable Potty? Call US!

Portable potties are notoriously seen at various events that do not have bathroom options, but there are a ton of other scenarios where getting them may be the best option available. The best way to find out whether a portable toilet fits your needs is to contact one of the many companies that can provide you with a variety of different options.

You can easily go online and look for companies in your area that can get you the accommodations that you require. Keep in mind that by getting a portable potty, you will absolutely be saving a great deal of water and energy use, leading to a reduction in your overall costs.

With the help of Honeybucket, you can take better care of your guests. Just call (512) 309-4609 today, and feel at ease at your Taylor gathering.