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About Us

Give Thanks for Portable Toilet Etiquette

November 25, 2015

Portable ToiletThanksgiving is the time of year to be grateful for things that we may otherwise take for granted throughout the year. Like the modern conveniences of indoor plumbing. Here at Honey Bucket we are thankful for another modern convenience – portable restrooms. They help you take care of business no matter where you are.

But let’s face it – taking care of your business in a porta potty isn’t quite the same as hearing nature call when you are in the comfort of your own home bathroom. But sometimes they may be the only option – porta potties are necessary amenities on construction sites, while you’re tailgating, and attending outdoor concerts.

While portable restrooms are the perfect solution for large crowds in outdoor venues, things can get messy pretty quickly. This is the best time to practice proper porta potty etiquette. Cleaner porta potties may not bring world peace but they will make the experience a little more pleasant for everyone. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep it moving, particularly when there is a line outside. No matter how pleasant a portable restroom may be anyone who is “next” in line will tell you not to dilly-dally. Get in, do what you gotta do, and get out. This is no place to smoke a cigarette, text your friends, or reapply eyeliner. And don’t forget to take your empty bottles or cans with you – do not dispose of them inside the porta potty.
  • There is a famous quote that says the best a man can ever do is to leave the world a little better than you found it. And the same goes for your portable restroom experience. Nobody likes a slob – make sure the paper goes where it needs to, the seat is down, and there’s no residue on it. A little bit of upkeep can go a long way.
  • We saved the best for last. Our main tip is to keep it in order. Please no line cutting or jumping. When there is a large crowd the waiting can be the hardest part. This is an absolute necessity when there are more people than porta potties. So just remember that patience is a virtue and keep it courteous with your fellow porta potty waiters.

Just as we are throughout the year, Honey Bucket is always grateful for our customers. And we know you are thankful for these useful etiquette tips. We wish each of you and your family a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving season.