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Get Your Fall Potty Planning Done!

October 23, 2015

How to be The Life of The Potty at a Fall Party

We, at Honeybucket have all you need to make your fall party potty-riffic. When a lot of people assemble for a party at a person’s house, the bathroom(s) are used frequently, which, in turn, makes the toilets work a lot harder than they usually do and the water and/or sewer of the party hosts will also go up. Every time the toilets are used and the water ran, a plumbing problem can arise and the homeowner’s have to pay for them also. Renting portable toilets offer a lot of benefits to party hosts and they can be as elaborate or as simple as the people hosting the party desire. Our company has a lot to offer you, tips to make your portable toilet rental process go smoothly.

If you do choose to rent portable toilets for your fall party, it is a good idea to make half of the toilets for men and the other half for women. It may be considered be sexist, however, this is not the case. They will appreciate this gesture for a lot of reasons. In the ladies restrooms, fresh flowers can be placed inside every unit to make them look better. Mirrors can also be put inside every portable toilet to give women the opportunity to look themselves over before they leave the restroom.

Women will enjoy this opportunity and men will like the lines to the bathroom are shorter. The ceiling of a portable toilet can be improved also. A drop on the inside of a portable is very simple to make. All that needs to be done is for a large piece of fabric (close to three times the size of the ceiling) and a non-damaging tape that will hold down the corners of the fabric to the corners of the ceiling, and letting the center hang. There are benefits to using portable toilet rentals also.

Taylor, TX Fall Festivities1)Benefits of Renting Portable Toilets:

A.Non porous interiors with separating walls

B.Total privacy

C.Very little if any smell

D.Very little if any spreading of germs

E.Men and women have their own restrooms.

Portable toilets also offer features that will totally delight the guests of a party. The advanced models other these features that are perfect for get together’s, especially fall parties.

2) Features of Portable Toilet Rentals:

A.Air Conditioning


C.Running water

D.Stereo sound systems

E.AM/FM radio and CD players

F. Functional lighting with ambiance and:

The option to add whatever personal touches a party host wishes to make the portable toilets look better.

For those people who desire the glamorous touch, we have celebrity portable toilets available for rent as well. They have a lot of perks for those who wish to rent them.

3) Perks of Celebrity Portable Toilets:

A. Flushing Toilets: The Foot Pump Makes it Flush

B. Sink: People can wash their hands instead of just using hand sanitizer.

C. Solar Lightning: There is no longer a need to fight to use a cell phone
light when using the bathroom.

D. Welcome Mats: Gives People a Welcome to the Wash Closet that they
have never had before.

E. Coat Hooks- They are the perfect to hang a coat and other items while
using the potty.

F. Mirrors- For posh events, women can make sure they look perfect before
they leave the bathroom.

G. Perfumed Fragrance and Vents: This ensures that the portable potties do
not smell putrid.

There are many autumn events that our portable toilets will be perfect for. They are ideal for when many people are on the go and they really need to go.

4) Absolute Perfect Fall Events and Occasions for Portable Toilet Rentals:

A. Football Games- Portable toilets ensure people do not miss a lot of
their favorite game plays by having to go far to go to the potty.

B. Community Leaf Raking Projects

C. Apple Picking

D. Hayrides

E. Haunted Houses

F. Halloween Events and Parties

G. Fall Festivals

No matter what autumn event or get together is going on, renting portable toilets should be a part of planning them. Despite the fact that another summer has left us, fall has numerous opportunities for people to be outside that include: yard work, sporting events, and recreational activities. A lot of our clients and customers love having parties, which brought us to bring an event planner into our staff at Life of The Potty. Recently, we helped a client plan a large autumn party with one of our many event themes: Fall Into Fall.

Our Fall Into Fall party theme made it possible for our customer to have a large party for over one-hundred people and still kept the costs of the party to a minimum. Here is all you need for our Fall Into Fall party.

5) The Features of a Fall Into Fall Party:

A. Lure People in With Leaf Invitations- Find small leaves and paint them a variety
of autumn colors. Use them to stamp a border patterns on pieces of cardstock.

Then put the party information in the center of the page.

B. Adornments as Simple as ABC- It is so easy to adorn a party area to look like
autumn. All that is needed is: pumpkins, decorative gourds, Indian corn, corn
stalks, hay bales,bittersweet or winter berry vines, chrysanthemums, and
colorful kale.

C. Candy Corn Votives- Autumn scented candles are very aromatic. They can be made
prettier by placing them in glass vases, jars, or hurricane lamps filled part
of the way with candy corn.

D. Pumpkins Are The Perfect Way to Serve Party Fare- Clean out a variety of
different sized pumpkins and make them one-of-a-kind serving bowls. They can be
used to serve bread by putting a bandanna or fabric in the bottom of them,
putting ice in them turns them into dispensers, and placing flowers in them
makes an easy and fun autumn centerpiece.

E. Fire Pits Are Fun- Outdoor fire pits or backyard fireplaces make the perfect
finish to a fun autumn night. All a person needs is chairs or hay bales for
seats. Blanket throws add the additional comfort for a cool and crisp autumn

Food is also very important to any event or party. It is easy to make and serve food for a lot of guests and it does not have to be very difficult to make or expensive. Fall parties require the need for warm comfort foods and we have the perfect ideas for cool weather party food.

6) Provisions for Fall Into Fall Parties:

A. Appetizers- roasted pumpkin seeds, vegetable trays (with fall favorites like carrots, squash, and zucchini), popcorn, sliced apples, and pumpkin and/or zucchini bread.

B.Main Course Dishes- chili and cornbread, pumpkin and/or vegetable soups, sausage and/or bratwurst, and a baked potato bar (with a variety of toppings).

C.Drinks- apple cider, hot chocolate, mulled wine, and seasonal beer.

D. Desserts- No outdoor party can do without smore’s. It is the perfect touch for an autumn party. Other dessert ideas are: pumpkin pie, apple pie, sweet potato pie, caramel apples, candied apples, and bowls of candy corn and other candies.

With all of our wonderful party ideas, we at Honeybucket will make any party host the life of the party with all of their guests. From the portable toilet rentals and our great party ideas, we have all anyone will never need for a fall party. Our portable toilets are so comfortable and good looking that your guests may spend so much time in them that people may ask them “Did you fall in?” With all of these benefits and perks that our portable toilets offer there is no reason that party hosts and their guests will love our lavatories.

Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 for all your potty needs in the Taylor, TX area!