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Fun Facts About Portable Toilets

February 13, 2015

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Portable Toilets


Portable PottiesPortable Restrooms are in Style – Your big wedding will need this rental service luxury. You will need a couple of these private conveniences parked in an inconspicuous place.

Cleaning Your Fragrant Throne

Pressurized holding tanks and vacuum hoses cut down on the actual handling contact of stored wastes. De-pressurizing hoses before detaching may save your uniform. Wash with bleach and gallons of water to restore your rental back to respectability.

Toilet Abuse

Your portable toilet has a high chance of coming under attack by vandals. Graffiti is popular; likewise, along with actual burning. Nothing is sacred in the migrating toilet community.

luxury and Elegance

Comfort stations have changed over the years. Your fashion show may require a rolling powder room selection with up to four stalls. The portable latrine has moved up. They have added features like ventilation systems and lighting

Emergency Models for Disaster Situations

Extreme storms may leave your community without electrical power or water. Your deluxe restroom trailer will have self-contained water and power. Check out our luxury trailers!

The Bumper Dumper is not for the Bashful

This commode seat was designed for the camper in you. Pick an isolated area and plug it into your trailer hitch. The steel frame supports your weight up to 500 pounds. You have to provide the privacy screen.

Eco-Friendly Composting Toilet

If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll choose a green reliable self-contained model that recycles the nutrients into the soil. Wood shavings are needed for aroma control.

The Fold-Up and Compact Toilet

This compact toilet was invented for use inside the car. Traveling with Crohn’s disease is solved with this new model that is stored easily.

#10 is the Cabana Tent Porta-Potty

This one is a folding privacy tent with fiberglass poles. Complete with a carry bag, it provides comfort where privacy is needed. You may vacation anywhere now with these available options.

Looking for portable toilets in the Taylor, TX area? Look no further than Honeybucket for all your restroom needs! Contact us at (512) 309-4609.