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Expecting the Unexpected

March 13, 2015

First Rule of Event Planning? Be Prepared

Taylor Portable Toilets Things To Consider

If you’ve chosen to rent a portable toilet, this may be because you’re having an event, and you want toilet’s to be available, for those who need to use the bathroom. Portable toilets are a great way to accommodate your guests, if they need to use the bathroom, but maybe you don’t want them all inside your home.
If you’re having a party in your home, it can be very overwhelming to have so many people go in and out of your small bathroom. Instead of using your home facilities, it may be best for you to rent portable bathrooms, so you can accommodate your party guests.You’ll need to consider the amount of guests that you’ll have, how many bathrooms will be needed, and the length of time you’ll need the rental for. You also want to consider the type of guests you’ll be having, because you may be held responsible for any damage that happens to the portable unit.

If you’re having a party for guests in general, and you don’t really know the people attending your party, you may want to take extra precautions, in order to protect your rental.


Unfortunately, when people do not own something, they are more likely to vandalize it. If you’re having a party for people in general, and they are unknown to you, you may end up getting vandals, who will vandalize your portable unit. It’s best to make sure the unit is chained to something secure, so it cannot be stolen, or taken off property.
You’ll also want to try to anchor the unit, in order to make sure it does not tip over, and cause destruction inside the unit. You may even get guests that will spray paint, or physically vandalize a unit, so you must be weary of this, as you may be held responsible.

CleaningTaylor Event Planning

Although the interior cleaning of the unit, may be the job of the owners, you may be held responsible to keep the unit stocked, if all the toilet paper and paper towels are cleaned out of the unit. You’ll also want to care for the unit to the best of your ability, especially if small children end up in it, and make other types of messes.

When renting a portable unit, considerate it as something that’s your own, and keep it as clean as possible, as stocked as possible, and free from vandalism.

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