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Ever Had an Issue With a Port-o-Potty? Here Are Our Top 3

February 12, 2016

3 Most Common Port-o-Potty issues Customers May Face

Port-o-potties are important for live events and when there will be a group of people gathering without available brick and mortar toilets. It makes it easier for individuals to use the restroom, regardless of your Taylor event.

These are rather basic devices that don’t take much to work properly. However, if something should go wrong it is important to bring in professionals in order to correct the situation. This way, it is possible to restore the portable toilet to working order and avoid issue with those who need to use. it.

Taylor, TX | Porta Potty ServicesBacked Up Toilets

This usually takes some time to happen. As long as the toilets are cleaned out in a timely manor it should not have many backed up issues. However, there might be times where people toss down items into the toilet that should not be down there.

Beyond just the standard trash someone might carry in with them, people might toss in larger items. these items do not break down with the chemicals already found inside of the toilet, which leads to the toilet backing up. As is the case with most other port-o-potty problems, it is necessary to bring in the professionals to have it pumped out.

If the toilet is backed up, it isn’t going to do anyone much good. This is even more common in the urinal toilets with the side drain for men who are looking to urinate while standing up. These can become clogged and backed up easily, which results in the urine flooding the unit. Having the professionals clean it out is the only way to correct this situation.


Bees and other insects is another major problem. While it might not be much of an issue when the toilet is only going to be in a given location for a few days, when the toilet is designed to be in one location for several months (or even weeks) it is possible for bees to make it home.

There are small openings the insects can move in through and build a nest. This prevents anyone from going inside. The port-o-potty contractors can come and kill off the insects while restoring it to working order.

The Smell

Naturall, the smell is an issue when not pumped properly. By maintaining a proper pumping schedule and by having the right chemicals inside of the toilet, no smells should linger, and your Taylor event is left uninterrupted.

When looking for the very best port-o-potty services in your Taylor, TX home, callHoneybucket at (512) 309-4609.