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Don’t Rent a Portable Toilet Without First Reading This!

April 1, 2016

Tips to Ponder Before Ordering Your Next Portable Restroom Rental

Whether you’re hosting a major event or performing long-term construction work in the Taylor area, there’s one piece of equipment you absolutely cannot do without: portable toilets. A portable toilet, or portapotty as it is sometimes called, is a necessary part of providing for human nature. They provide a place for workers and guests to relieve themselves, in a way that is clean and sanitary. The liquid contained within the portable toilet neutralizes waste and smell. However, there are a few things you should consider before renting a portable toilet.

Taylor, TX portable-restroom-rentalConsider The Season.

If you’re renting a portable toilet during the summer, your main concern will be the heat. The plastic walls do little to ventilate the structure, so it can be 10 to 15 degrees hotter inside the toilet than outside of it.

However, in winter, the toilet may freeze; the rental company can put anti-freezing liquids into the toilet to ensure functionality even in the coldest of weather. Make sure you consider what season the toilet will be used in so you can make proper preparations for it.

It All Depends on Location.

Portable toilets have to be placed on level, even ground. Not only does this ensure the toilet functions properly, but it ensures the safety of those using it. The chemicals that keep the toilet sanitary can cause serious harm if they touch the skin or the eyes, so ensuring the toilet won’t tip is very important.

Make Maintenance a Priority

When you rent a portable toilet, you should take the time to find out who is responsible for the maintenance. Are you required to take care of it, or will the supplier handle any problems that arise? Determining this beforehand is essential to saving yourself a lot of headache if problems arise.

For best results, find a supplier who will handle the maintenance; after all, no one really wants to maintain a portable toilet, right?

When Will You Reach Capacity?

Because portable toilets are going to be used frequently, often by a large number of people, you should have an idea of the capacity of waste they’re able to hold before they must be emptied. The portable toilet size is an important consideration when determining whether or not to rent one, as well as in determining how many toilets you may need. Take the time to make a rough estimate of the number of attendees you expect to your event (or the number of workers on site) and calculate the number of toilets you’ll need.

Consider Local ordinances

Depending on the area, there may be regulations against where you can and cannot place a portable toilet. This is because of the public water supply; should there be an access point nearby, the city does not want any potential contaminants leaking into the water. The rental company should be able to alert you to any possible concerns regarding local ordinances.

Response Time Could Make or Break Your Event

Should a problem arise that requires maintenance from the company, you’ll want to work with someone that can respond quickly. After all, leaving people with nowhere to use the bathroom can have disastrous results. Speak with the company and find out if they can come out on weekends or during holidays, and find out their estimated arrival time after calls.

Selection is King

There are multiple types of toilets to choose from. If you’re hosting an event, it is a good idea to get a private toilet for any performers or VIPs that may be in attendance. Not only can this generate goodwill with the team, but it demonstrates forethought.

Where on the Site will They be Placed?

Depending on the site, portable toilets can be a hassle or a blessing. Putting too many toilets in one place can cause a lot of foot traffic in one area, but at the same time, you shouldn’t place them too spread out or too near other areas, such as cafeterias or rest areas. No one wants to smell the toilet while eating.

Sanitation Station or Not, Have a Game PlanTaylor, TX portable-restroom-rental-2

Portable toilets will need a steady supply of toilet paper and hand towels, especially if they see a lot of traffic. Having these supplies stored within the toilet can be helpful, but you should also consider the possibility of an attendant to refill and restock every hour.

Assess the Formality of Your Event

If the portable toilets are going to be used during a particularly formal occurrence, you’ll want to keep them out of sight. However, for construction crews and similar uses, it doesn’t matter where they are placed. Keep the formality of the venue in mind when determining the number of portable toilets you may need.

While it may seem like a lot to keep in mind, much of the information above falls under the umbrella of common sense. You’ll want to consider all possibilities when renting a portable toilet in Taylor, and you should put particular emphasis on the portable toilet size. Ensuring you have a large enough toilet and enough toilets to go around is vital to the success of your endeavors.

For quality portable toilet rental services in your Taylor, TX home, call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609.