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September 5, 2014

Benefits of Renting a Porta-Potty for Boy/Girl Scout Club Outings

taylor-portable-bathroom2Porta-Potties are used for an array of different events. People rent them when they are having outdoor weddings, and organizations hosting street fairs are usually sure to have some set up on the side. Events for the scouts, whether they be Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts or another similar organization, are also suitable times for these useful units.

Expanding the Possibilities
Some activities are difficult to pursue when no bathrooms are available, especially for little bladders. For example, the community might have a beautiful village green that would make a wonderful spot for an overnight camping trip. However, without the proper bathroom accommodations, such an event cannot be so. Scout troops can rent enough units to ensure that there is plenty of space. They might want to get a few for just one or two troops, or they may wish to organize a community-wide camping outing for all the troops in the area.

Hosting Outdoor Parties
Most scouting events are fairly structured and planned out. The troops usually meet on a weekly basis or so, and they often participate in crafts or learn a lesson while they are at the meeting. They may also go on field trips to check out how a local farm operates or to see a theatrical performance that has just come into town. However, some troop leaders may also want to host outdoor parties and events, whether they are at a park or at someone’s home. Renting Porta-Potties is an excellent idea when the indoor space is lacking in terms of bathroom facilities.

Parents Joining the Events
As Girl and Boy scouts advance to higher levels of the troops, they often participate in more activities by themselves. Yet when they are still young, many parents have active roles in the troops that their children participate in. Still though, when they hear about an outdoor activity with no bathrooms present, they might be reluctant to go. While every single parent does not need to attend every single scout outing, troops do like to infuse those senses of family togetherness. Providing the right bathroom facilities can encourage more of the parents to join in on the fun.

Porta-Potties serve a number of useful purposes for all different types of gatherings for all different people. When you are looking to host an outdoor activity, event or celebration for a Scout troop, call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609.