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Don’t Break The Bank on Your Special Day! Save For the Future With These Budget Wedding Tips

August 28, 2015

Cutting Wedding Costs: 5 Cost Cutting Tips For Weddings

Taylor , TX Portable Toilet ServicesChoosing The Date

June and December seem to be the most popular months for weddings, so be flexible in choosing the month. You might also want to choose a day other than Friday or Saturday for the obvious reasons.

Vendors may be more willing to help out on costs when their schedules are less busy and hectic. Saturday evenings is by far the most popular, which usually involves a dinner reception and these locations are expensive.

Venues And Food

The potential savings from a smaller ceremony are evident. Consider the costs of invitations per guest, the meal and champagne. If the wedding is small and intimate, your home or backyard would make a perfect location. If the cost for the reception site is too high, there are other places to consider.

A church reception hall is a perfect location. Also, parks and beaches are great. Think of the beautiful pictures that can be taken there. Keep the food casual. There’s nothing that says you have to serve prime rib and the trimmings. Let the food fit the location and mood, and everyone will be happy.

Use The Internet

The Internet is a helpful tool in your planning. There are various web sites that can give you good ideas. Consider Doing It Yourself. If you’re able to do so, creating some of the wedding items can be cost-saving. The Internet can be helpful here, as there are sites on making your own invitations.

Save on Flowers

Another way to save is the flowers. Flowers can be a costly item, as they are needed for the bride, up the aisles on the end seats, centerpieces, and more. If you stick with flowers in season, the costs will come down. It doesn’t have to be all flowers, why not use greenery?

Hire a Photography Student or Young Artist for Pictures

Wedding pictures are another way in which you can save. You don’t have to have a professional photographer when there are other possibilities. Ask if they have an associate or helper who will take them for less.

You might have a talented brother or cousin who shines in this area. Enlist them to help out and they will probably be happy to do so. Also, you might have throw-away cameras on hand, for guests to take their own pictures.

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