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How Can Dog Trials Benefit From Having a Porta Potty?

June 20, 2018

There is a special kind of pride to dog ownership. That pride gets even deeper when your canine companions have the opportunity to train and compete in area dog trials. These special events are a notable part of the year here in Taylor, TX and are a great way to observe and celebrate the agility, skill, and beauty of man’s best friend.

That said, dog trials are unique events that require specific equipment and detailed planning. And don’t forget that by and large, these events are held almost exclusively outdoors and extend over hours or even days. So during that time, dog owners and attendees will need to make use of some very practical items – like the restroom.
Don’t underestimate the importance of properly planning for comfort facilities for the humans at your dog trials. Here is what you need to know.

Porta Potties

“portabletoilets”The benefits of renting porta potties are numerous. For one thing, once your event is wrapped up, you don’t need to worry about cleaning them up. They are removed for you, which allow you to focus on other logistics at the event.

Even if your venue has some public restrooms already, bringing in additional facilities is cost-effective and will greatly increase guest comfort.

Guests won’t have to wait in line as long, and they will be more inclined to spend more time (and more money) involved with event activities. Porta potties are also a good choice for the environment, which is likely important for your animal-loving guest list. Porta potties use far less water than traditional toilets; porta-potties use far less electricity as well.

Portable Sinks

“portablesinks”As important as arranging your porta potties is arranging to have portable sinks. This is an essential part of hygiene and in promoting the right messaging for your dog trials.

There are different types of portable sinks available. Most commonly used is the foot pump sink, which uses a pump mechanism to push the water out of the faucet.

These are also stocked with soap and paper towels, much like with a regular restroom. There are also Sani-Sinks, which is a bit more like a traditional sink. It has mechanisms that let you run both hot and cold water, which can be useful depending on your need.

Holding Tanks

“whyholdingtanks”It is advisable to think about holding tanks on your porta potties. Putting in the right size of holding tank means that your porta potties will last longer before needing to be emptied. Consider this.

What if your porta potties are full and the dog trial isn’t over? That could be a disaster. A larger holding tank gives you more room and more time.

Make sure that you order enough porta potties and sinks for the expected number of people. Don’t forget to include accessible porta potties and enough sink facilities too.