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Common Misconceptions of Port a John

February 16, 2013

Port-a-Potty Rentals in Taylor, TX | Out House Rentals | Portable Toilets

Honeybucket will ensure that your needs are met. Call us at (512) 309-4609 to take advantage of our great deals!The stereotypical Port a John is something that most of us have seen at some point in our lives. This seemingly inconsequential object has become entrenched in our culture… but not necessarily in a good way. Most people have extremely negative connotations related to the Port a John, but these feelings often come from misconceptions that culture has constructed around these portable toilets.

For starters, many view the Port a John as a singular object, that small blue colored box that everyone has seen at their local concerts or events. These are almost always cramped and extremely uncomfortable to try and use, leading to an extremely negative reaction to not only the toilets themselves, but the color as well. All of that said, most people think this is the only type of port a john that is in existence, leading them to never rent them for their own event. In reality, there are many different varieties of port a john, in a variety of colors and sizes. Sure, the “generic” ones are out there, but there are many more that are far more comfortable for people to use.

Another common extremely negative connotation when it comes to port a johns is the smell. Of course, the actual smell of human waste would be far more disgusting, but the smell that most facilities use to cover it up is extremely bad for most people. Most people don’t think there is any solution to the smell, but in fact there is. Some portable toilets now feature a flushing mechanism, which pushes the waste into the holding tank instead of simply dropping it in there. This allows for the smell to be much more contained, and leads to a much more pleasant experience for users.

At the end of the day, no one should be afraid to rent or use port a johns. There are many options available for everyone involved so that both the event hose and the end user both have an excellent experience. If you or your business is running a local event which may need additional restrooms to accommodate your guests, Honeybucket will ensure that your needs are met. Call us at (512) 309-4609 to take advantage of our great deals!