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Clean Portable Units in Taylor, TX

September 4, 2015

How to Keep Portable Potties Odor Free

Everyone knows that port-o-potties are well known for smelling putrid and are usually met with disgust, as they are usually associated with large concerts and fairs where they are needed for a few days at a time.

The reality is that port-o-potties are not just used in these venues and are commonly used in parks, on construction sites, during home renovations and in all sorts of other situations.

Port-o-potties do not have to smell terrible and with some proper maintenance, you can keep your porta potty relatively odor free. Here are some things you should regularly do to ensure that your porta potty stays as clean as humanly possible.

Taylor, TX Portable Toilet Rental Empty the Waste

It goes without saying that you need to empty port-o-potties for them not to smell. When people use port-o-potties, the excrement stays inside the container and there is just about nothing that can be done to cover that odor, which is why so many people are grossed out by port-o-potties.

That being said, if you regularly empty your port-o-potty, you can avoid having a horrid smell inside for the most part. The companies that supply porta potties have systems set up where they will come out to your property, regardless of where the potty may be and will empty them periodically.

Blue Additive

Port-o-Potties have a blue substance that is added to the tank, which reduces the odor quite a bit, so every single time the port-o- potty is emptied, you should replaced this fluid. It also disinfects the tank, so you should absolutely do this when you get your unit changed.

Clean the Porta Potty

Aside from emptying and replacing the fluids, you also need to clean the unit just like you would a regular bathroom. If you do this frequently, you will start to see that you can maintain it and keep it rather odor free, although it all comes down to how diligent you are when it comes to cleaning and how often you do it.

It is important to scrub down the inside of the walls of port-o-potties in order to disinfect the unit, as you are dealing with an open tank filled with waste, which can create an unsanitary environment inside the unit.


Doing these things regularly will help to reduce the smell coming from a portable restroom unit, but keep in mind that you must do this regularly in order to keep the odor down.

Get your Taylor, TX event ready by ordering a portable potty. Just call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 today for all your home temperature needs.