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We take our responsibility seriously to protect the environment. By all doing our part to keep water, air, and soil clean, we can help to protect our natural resources and ensure that we all have safe air to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat.

At Honeybucket, we do many things every day to ensure that our services are environmentally friendly. One simple way we encourage all customers – and potential customers – to help protect the environment is by always opting for a holding tank when renting a porta-potty.

Why are they beneficial? Read on to learn more!

Prioritize Sanitation

sanitationIn our business, proper waste handling and disposal are essential. Improper waste disposal can pollute the surrounding land and water.

Further, it can spread disease through contaminated soil, food, water, and insects. As a result, it’s important that you rely on professions to ensure that your waste is disposed of correctly.

If you opt to handle waste disposal on your own, you run the risk of not only causing environmental problems but also exposing yourself and others to infections and disease. Always be safe and rely on a professional for waste disposal.

Be Environmentally Friendly This World Environment Day

environmentallyfriendlyWorld Environment Day is celebrated every June 5 and is the United Nation’s primary event to encourage the protection of the environment. Celebrated since 1974, World Environment Day is recognized by more than 143 countries and works to raise awareness and inspire change to protect the environment.

Every year, there is a theme that provides the focus of the year’s outreach and advocacy. This year the theme is Air Pollution, an issue that we’re especially passionate about and that we work hard to eliminate.

This World Environment Day, consider ways that you can help reduce air pollution and improve the air quality in your community. Additionally, protect the environment the next time that you use a portable toilet by ensuring that you have a professional company with experts in the field to properly dispose of the waste.

Holding Tank Solutions

holdingtanksProperly using portable toilets and disposing of waste is essential to ensuring that you’re not only protecting the environment but also providing an effective, sanitary toilet solution. A sizable and reliable holding tank is an important part of making sure that your portable toilet is working and safe.

Too many people have experienced holding tank issues – whether it’s from not receiving them in a timely manner, not having the correct size or from having a tank that is not fully functional. Whether you have a porta-potty for a special event, at a construction site or for some other type of project, a missing or ineffective holding tank can lead to a variety of inconveniences and frustrations.

Avoid these problems by only working with companies that provide you with high-quality products, have a knowledgeable staff, maintain adequate inventory and can ensure timely delivery.

At Honeybucket, we have an experienced and well-trained team that can help you with any questions you have, provide you with the highest quality porta-potty rentals and handle all of your holding tank needs. Call us today at (512) 309-4609 to learn more.

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