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Probably not, but depending on the location, party, and precautions taken beforehand, you may have a run for your money. Porta-potties have a bad rep, mainly because most people associate them with the ones seen at work sites, but with a little sprucing up and organization, your next outdoor event can have a portable toilet that can change peoples perceptions!

Not only is the style and placement of your portable toilet important, but planning on how to clean it ahead of time, can make all the difference. So if you’re planning an outdoor event, and want that extra edge on keeping your guests happy, read on to learn more!

Make Sure Everything is Clean!

washinsideThe first step any planner should take before their big event is to start with the cleanest bathroom possible.

While any quality portable toilet rental company will deliver a clean toilet to your event, it never hurts to give it another pass.

It’s always good to check the high-traffic areas like the toilet and sink. Any dirt or grime in these areas is always going to be noticeable.

Additionally, because your toilet will get a lot of foot traffic, be sure that the floor itself is clean. Starting with the cleanest bathroom is the best way to get off on the right foot – and like any public bathroom – you should generally take a look every hour or half hour to make sure the toilet is in good working order.

If you have a larger unit or a bay of toilets, it may be a good idea to get an attendant. Not only does this ensure that the toilet is always clean, but also it gives your event’s toilet situation a sophisticated look.

The Smell is The First Impression

Whether you realize it or not, the way a bathroom smells is always the first impression your guests get – even before they start to look around.

While a portable toilet may not have the same advantage of being able to flush away any waste, that doesn’t mean it has to smell that way.

You have a lot of different ways of keeping your portable toilet smelling fresh – including:

  • smellgoodChemical cleaners in the toilet.
  • Floor cleaners.
  • Incense.
  • Perfumes and air sanitizers.

The easiest way to get a fresh smell and a nice look is with a candle. While your portable toilet doesn’t have to look like a romantic getaway, you can at least elevate the style and smell of your porta-potty with a couple of candles lit strategically.

Guest Comfort is Important Too

cleanhandsOutside of the smell and look of your toilet, you can also put the attention on your guests. When they use a portable toilet, you want to be sure they feel comfortable.

Be sure to have a good mix of hand sanitizers and hand lotions to give them plenty of opportunities to leave with clean hands and a fresh feel.

Also, adding some of these cleaning stations to your porta-potty can give it a more luxurious feel. In the end, offering your guests a clean area where they can use the restroom is key. Clean porta-potties are an essential component of any outdoor party.

If they look like a construction site, they’ll feel like one too. Just like a professional setting, dress the portable toilet for the job you want it to have, not the one it already does. With some simple detail touches, you can elevate your event for all your guest.

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