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Boost Your Events’ Cleanliness with Lift Kits

February 20, 2015

 Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down: Prepare for More Guests With Our Lift Kits! 


Taylor Portable Toilet RentalsLift kits for portable toilets are an important device that allow for an easier and safer workplace. They are made particularly for construction sites and the most pertinent questions about the details of lift kits for portable toilets can be answered with the following 3 questions:


What is a Lift Kit for Portable Toilets?

A lift kit for a portable toilet allows for the safe lifting of portable toilets. It is about providing these facilities safely to end users at a price that is affordable and within the project/event budget. There are various different designs on the market, but the general premise is to allow the portable toilet to be lifted to a higher level with the assistance of a crane or similar device.

Whether the portable restroom is of the standard size or if it includes a full waste tank and full handwash area, there are lift kits available to meet the task at hand. There are different versions of lift kits available for high-rise units and other various building types.


What Are the Benefits of Having a Lift Kit for a Portable Toilet?

The benefits of a lift kit for a portable toilet are many. It looks to solve the problem of construction workers needing to commute to another area of the jobsite (in particular a lower level) in order to utilize the outhouse services.

Before the invention and mass production of lift kits for portable toilets there existed a great many “custom-made” contraptions to handle the task. Straps and stabilizers are put in place in and the portable unit is then lifted via external means to its designated location. So, not only does a lift kit solve the basic problem, it does so in a safe manner all the while increasing construction workplace productivity.


 What Kinds of Events are Lift Kits Suited For?

Lift kits are beneficial at almost any upcoming event that may need temporary portable restroom units transported to higher levels or elevations. Concerts, sporting events, and large conferences are just a few of the type of events where portable restrooms have been outfitted with lift kits in order to facilitate their safe and efficient transportation.Taylor Lift Kits

All of these types of events require efficient bathroom services in order to provide the best experience to the customer. And the ability to locate these facilities in locations that make the most sense logistically is the key to providing this hassle-free experience.

If you’re looking to rent sparkling clean portable toilets in the Taylor area, call Honeybucket now at (512) 309-4609!