5 Things to Avoid When Ordering Portable Restrooms


Celebrations held in backyards or other outdoor venues require special planning on many levels, not the least of which is access to restrooms. As you choose among the variety of portable restrooms and luxury restroom trailers that are available from Honey Bucket, we would like to share with you several common mistakes in planning for portable restroom services that you will want to avoid. You can also consult our Event Planning Guide for more information.


  1. Inadequate Number of Restrooms – Hosting an event that doesn’t provide enough restrooms leads to long lines and unhappy guests. While we note that the typical ratio of guests to portable restrooms is one porta-potty per 100 guests, this number may need to be adjusted if your event is longer than four hours, if there are more women than men, if alcohol is being served or if those attending the event all need to be in a specific place at a specific time.
  1. Not Enough Handwashing Facilities – Based on the type of event, will your guests need to wash their hands more often than they might need to use the restroom? If so, you may want to add handwashing facilities so they can do this without having to access the portable restrooms for just handwashing purposes.
  1. Incorrect Type of Restroom – Are the restrooms you are ordering compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)? This federal law is very specific about requirements for portable restrooms and requires one ADA accessible portable restroom for every 10 standard portable restrooms per event. Even if you are only ordering a few portable restrooms for a personal event, it is important to consider the needs of guests who may need ADA-friendly facilities.
  1. Restrooms that are Not Family-Friendly – Are families likely to attend your event? If so, you may need to consider providing changing tables and larger portable restrooms that can accommodate a parent helping a child to use the facilities.
  1. Location of Restrooms – Make sure that you place portable restrooms on flat ground and that they are easily accessible to all guests. You also want to make sure the portable restrooms are visible to your guests so they can find them easily.

Honey Bucket is Here for You

At Honey Bucket, our trained special event consultants can help you plan appropriately depending on the event so you avoid these common mistakes and your guests can be comfortable. Contact us for a quote or call us at 800-444-2371 for more information.


So You Want To Take a Good Honey Bucket Selfie


With the summer just getting started, it’s time to charge up your smartphone and take the super creative selfie that just might be a winner in our 2018 Honey Bucket Selfie Contest. The winner has a choice of either owning a brand new Honey Bucket Portable Restroom of their very own or taking home $1,000, so the selfie has to be top notch and very unique.

Here are some pointers on taking a good Honey Bucket Selfie:

  • Use the Hashtag – No matter how creative you get with your selfie, the most import thing to remember is that you’ll need to include #HoneyBucketSelfie in the caption when you share it on social media. Without it, your entry will not be officially entered.
  • Outside, Not Inside – Make sure your selfie is taken outside of the Honey Bucket. No matter how amazing your photo is, if it’s taken inside the portable restroom, it will be disqualified.
  • selfie3Group Selfies – Individual selfies are great, but why not mix it up and get a group together to join in on the selfie fun? Make a #HoneyBucketSelfie masterpiece with your friends.
  • Find Your Angle – Try a few different angles and poses. You never know which one will look the best until you try a few out.
  • Go Pro – Sure, anyone can take one or two selfies over the course of the summer, but if you really want to go above and beyond, snap away and share your selfies with us all summer long. There is no limit to how many times you can enter!
  • Consider the Composition – Once you have people and props in place, make sure that your photo is balanced and taken from the most unusual perspective.
    Pro tip: Most smart phone cameras have grid lines that you can turn on. Use the grid to balance your composition.
  • Do Several Takes – Try more than one pose using different groups of people and new props so you have several to choose from.
  • Classic Selfie Face – Try one shot using the expression that strikes the right balance between a smirk and a duck face – that’s classic!
  • selfie4Don’t Take It Too Seriously – Get goofy. Be creative. And enjoy the selfie photo shoot!
  • Prepare for Your Win – Unfortunately, we’re only choosing one winner per month this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning out where you’d put your new Honey Bucket if you win. It never hurts to dream big, right?

Taking a great photo and forgetting to share it would equal an epic fail. Share your Honey Bucket selfie on social media using #HoneyBucketSelfie or enter here. This year, there will be 4 Grand Prize Winners with random drawings in July, August, and September so you need to get your selfie up as soon as possible. The final deadline is September 3, 2018 with the winner of the selfie receiving the most votes announced on September 15. At Honey Bucket, we know how to have fun while getting the job done – we hope you do too. Can’t wait to see your Honey Bucket Selfie!


Upgrade to Comfort-Plus Portable Restrooms for your Father’s Day and Graduation Events


As you plan your Father’s Day and Graduation celebrations, it is important to consider the comfort of your guests in every way – particularly, if your parties are outdoors. While some hosts and hostesses select the standard, outdoor portable restroom to save on clean up and provide easy access, many now upgrade to Honey Bucket’s new Comfort-Plus portable restrooms due to their extra level of comfort, cleanliness, and reasonable pricing.

comfort2Our Comfort-Plus restrooms are different from standard models in that they are manufactured with Sanafor, an antimicrobial technology that reduces bacteria levels by 99.9999 percent. The material actually controls the growth of all microorganisms on the restroom’s plastic surfaces, providing long-lasting protection against bacteria, fungi (mold and mildew), and algae that can cause odor and stains.

comfort3Each safe and environmentally-friendly Comfort-Plus restroom also has a solar-powered, internal night light that is especially convenient for evening and night events.

Other Comfort-Plus features include:

  • Comfort-Plus unit’s ergonomic tank design allows space for legs which is more comfortable for your guests and helps keep users clean
  • Each unit has vent screens built into its panels so vandals cannot remove the unit and insects stay out
  • Comfort-Plus units have urinal drain pipe vents that don’t clog
  • All units have a 3-roll bathroom tissue holder with a shelf

For just a little bit more, your guests can enjoy the advantages of the Comfort-Plus portable restroom.

Honey Bucket is Here for You

From the largest event with hundreds of portable restrooms and on-site attendants to a single unit for a Father’s Day family picnic or a Graduation party, Honey Bucket provides portable restroom services for all types of special events.

We are committed to providing you the best planning assistance, equipment, and service. Our experienced staff will help you determine how many Comfort-Plus Restrooms you will need for your event as well as the best spot to place them. We work hard to ensure all attendees at your event will have a pleasant experience when they use our restrooms.

We pride ourselves on fast and efficient service that meets all your needs. We have a variety of products and services available and a friendly staff to help you each step of the way and making sure everything is what you need, want and expect. You can easily request a quote online or call us at 800-444-2371 for more information and to speak to a Special Events representative.

Porta Potty vs. Restroom Trailer: How to Choose What Is Right for You


Honey Bucket has the finest quality restrooms and we continually add new equipment to our extensive inventory. We have a variety of sizes, configurations, and other options to fit your every need. With so many choices, many of our customers wonder if they should go with a porta potty rental or a restroom trailer rental.

First, it is important to understand the difference between portable restrooms and comfort station trailers. They serve the same function, but in slightly different ways.

  • porta-potties2Portable restrooms, also referred to as portable toilets or porta potties, are typically single, standalone units that come in a range of styles. They can easily be customized and range from the basics to larger and more luxurious units. Each portable toilet comes standard with hand sanitizer, but you can also order sinks to be placed outside the restrooms if you need hand washing stations as well. Learn more about the available options here.
  • trailer2A comfort station trailer, also referred to as a restroom trailer or luxury trailer, is a stand-alone trailer unit that also comes in a range of styles. They usually have their own entrance and exit, and contain individual restroom stalls. They are commonly rented for weddings, black tie events, and other fancy occasions. Learn more about the options available here.

How do you know what’s best for your event?

Below are some factors to consider when trying to figure out whether a porta potty or a restroom trailer is best for your event.

  • Capacity. Consider how many people you expect at your event. If you are expecting large crowds, porta potties are versatile enough that several can be placed side by side in a row to accommodate larger events such as outdoor concerts and sporting events.
  • Interior Space. Restroom trailers are more spacious, providing a place for guests to change and get ready. This extra room is great for weddings and events like marathons where participants may need to get changed or clean up afterwards.
  • Location. If you are working in an area that doesn’t have a lot of extra space for a full-sized trailer, you may want to consider a porta potty option. Units are smaller in size and can be discretely placed in smaller spaces.
  • Watch the Weather. Restroom trailers have climate control with both heat and A/C, which depending on the time of year, can make it more comfortable for you and your guests.
  • Consider your Budget. Porta potties tend to be more cost effective while restroom trailers provide a more luxurious experience. Prices vary so check with your Honey Bucket Event Coordinator or fill out our online form to request more information.
  • Extras. Restroom trailers usually feature indoor lighting and sinks with running water. Other options include stereo/CD player, interior lighting, and mirrors. Our luxury trailers require power and water hook ups, but we also offer smaller self-contained trailers that are solar powered and feature built in fresh water tanks. If you need something that will make guests feel special, luxury restroom trailers are the way to go!

Whether you decide to rent a portable restroom or a comfort station trailer, Honey Bucket is ready to serve your event. We service Washington, Utah, Oregon, and California. We take pride in providing the best in customer service and the finest restroom facilities. Call us today at (800) 444-2371 and we will find a unit to match your needs!

Top Dog-Friendly Hikes and Trails in Washington, Oregon, California, and Utah


Here, at Honey Bucket, we’ve seen a lot of people sharing pictures of their furry friends outdoors near a Honey Bucket. We think Fido is as much a part of the Honey Bucket family as you do. That has inspired us to create a list of the top dog-friendly hikes in Washington, Oregon, California, and Utah. It wasn’t easy, but we managed to narrow it down to our favorite top 10 – in no particular order.

  1. dogPowell Butte Nature Park – Portland, OR
    In 1987, the City of Portland established Powell Butte Nature Park. The park was opened to the public in 1990 and offers the city miles of trails for hikers, mountain bikers, and leashed dogs. There is a wide array of wildlife in the park including rabbits, ring-necked pheasants, ground squirrels, raccoons, gray foxes, skunks, bats, chipmunks, coyotes, and black-tailed mule deer.
    Learn more at https://www.bringfido.com/attraction/1714
  2. Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden – Portland, OR
    The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden was developed as a display and test garden in 1950 by the Portland Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. It offers a variety of rhododendrons and is free to the public from September 1 through February 28. Dogs are welcome on-leash as well!
    Learn more at https://www.bringfido.com/attraction/1222
  3. Mt. Hood National Forest– Ramona Falls, OR
    Ramona Falls is a waterfall on the upper Sandy River on the west side of Mount Hood, Oregon. There are still visible signs of volcanic debris flow where the trail nears the Sandy River. Leashed dogs are welcomed hiking companions on this trail.
    Learn more at https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/mthood/recarea/?recid=53460
  4. Sonoma Valley Regional Park – Glen Ellen, CA
    Sonoma Valley Regional Park is right in the middle of the Sonoma Valley in California. The 200 plus acre park features several miles of trails and a tranquil atmosphere. The park’s main path is a paved, 1.2-mile trail that begins near a wetland and meadow and winds through magnificent oak woodlands which are perfect for you and your dog. Dogs are welcome on this scenic trail.
    Learn more at http://parks.sonomacounty.ca.gov/Get_Outdoors/Parks/Sonoma_Valley_Regional_Park.aspx
  5. dog2Bluff Top Sea Ranch Access Trail – Sea Ranch, CA
    If you’re in the mood for a seaside adventure, dogs are welcome at the six public access trails in The Sea Ranch. Trails start at Highway 1 parking areas and cross bluff-top meadows and forests to rugged coastline. Picturesque California cliff-side staircases lead to secluded beaches with sandy coves, tide pools, and rock formations for you to enjoy with your dog.
    Learn more at http://parks.sonomacounty.ca.gov/Get_Outdoors/Parks/Bluff_Top_Sea_Ranch_Access_Trail.aspx
  6. Taylor Mountain Regional Park and Open Space Preserve – Santa Rosa, CA
    This park is a prominent landmark in Santa Rosa, California. It provides a panoramic view of the city and distant peaks. The park’s 1,100 acres include sweeping grasslands, oak woodlands, several creeks, and habitat for a variety of wildlife. The park has over 5 miles of unpaved trails to hike with your favorite hiking companion. Dogs are permitted on leashes no longer than 6 feet long.
    Learn more at http://parks.sonomacounty.ca.gov/Get_Outdoors/Parks/Taylor_Mountain_Regional_Park_and_Open_Space_Preserve.aspx
  7. Lake 22 Trail – Mountain Loop Hwy, WA
    Lake 22 Trail is a 6.7-mile loop trail located near Granite Falls, Washington that features a beautiful waterfall. The trail is best visited from May until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.
    Learn more at https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/washington/lake-22-trail
  8. Red Top Lookout – Snoqualmie Region — Salmon La Sac/Teanaway, WA
    Built in 1952, Red Top Lookout provides the best bang for your hiking buck in the Snoqualmie Region. A short, steep trail leads to the fire lookout and offers magnificent views of the Stuart Range, Teanaway Ridge, Chelan and Entiat Mountains, Mount Rainier, and even Mount Adams on a clear day! If the views aren’t enough, the best part is that dogs are allowed on leash.
    Learn more http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/red-top-lookout#trailhead-map
  9. Tanner Park – Salt Lake City, UT
    Tanner Park is an especially popular destination for dogs and their owners. The park features dirt-packed trails that are accessible year-round. There’s a great natural stream in the park as well. Once you are inside Parley’s Nature Area, you can take your dog off leash. Honey Bucket takes pride in keeping your Fido clean, so be sure to utilize the dog wash and clean-up stations before you leave the park.
    Learn more at https://www.ksl.com/?sid=40937491&nid=1268
  10. Round Valley – Park City, UT
    If you are in Utah looking for a park with a little more room to roam, Round Valley might be the place for you and your pup. This park offers 40 miles of easy, moderate, and steep trails so there are plenty of trail options. Most importantly, dogs are welcome to roam without a leash.
    Learn more at https://utah.com/hiking/salt-lake-city/dog-friendly-trails

We hope this inspires you to get out on the trail with your dog. And don’t forget to keep sharing those photos of your pup with a Honey Bucket! We roam as far and wide as you and your furry friend. Post your pics and tag us on Facebook and Instagram. And don’t forget to use #HoneyBucketSelfie!