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Honey Bucket Costume

Did you get roped into going to a last-minute Halloween party? Or maybe you’ve just been waiting for that perfect costume idea. Here’s a quick and easy costume that will definitely turn some heads and not take much time at all to make and you can do it for under $20!

Honey Bucket Costume

SUPPLIES: supplies

  • (1) 5’x7’ tarp – silver
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors or box cutter
  • Cardboard box
  • Duct tape – silver and white (or clear)
  • Plastic bottle
  • Honey Bucket stickers (3)
  • Elastic strap
  • Foam board

box_steps 1. Cut box and resize to make all side panels the same width, then reassemble using duct tape at the seams. Add reinforcement strips of tape around the center of your box to keep if sturdy.

corners 2. Lay your reconstructed box on top of the tarp and begin to fold the edge of the tarp over to the inside of the box. Tape each edge as you go until the outside has been completely wrapped. Cut off the excess tarp material and secure with a strip of tape spanning the length of the box.

Honey Bucket Halloween costume 3. Decorate the front of your Honey Bucket to look like a door. Add a green painted semi-circle and finish it off with a few official Honey Bucket door decals found at (Use coupon code TRICKORTREAT to get FREE Honey Bucket stickers for your costume. Be sure to place your order by 10/24/16 to ensure your stickers will arrive on time).

4. To add shoulder straps so you can wear your costume, simply place two pieces of duct tape together for each strap and attach in place at the front and back of the box using a few more strips of tape.

Part 2 – ROOF

roof_stepsbottle1. Lay out your foam board and mark the fold lines for your roof. Use the box cutter to score the foam board so you can fold it. Caution: Do not cut all the way through the board.
2. Continue scoring and folding the roof line until you have all the angles needed to create the roof. (See photos)
3. Use clear or white tape to set the roof angles in place. We decided to tape the entire roof to give it a more uniform look.
4. Cut two small hole on either side of where your head will go and string the elastic band through to make a chin strap.
5. To finish your Honey Bucket, cut the top and bottom of your plastic bottle and wrap it in grey duct tape to create your air vent. Attach to the roof using clear or white tape.

That’s it! You’ve created a unique costume, positioned yourself comfortably to win first prize at every costume contest you wander into, and managed not to break the bank.

Click here for your FREE Honey Bucket costume stickers.

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ADA Compliance: What Customers Need to Know

ADA Freedom profile

Public restrooms are a real critical amenity because they need to be responsive to a wide range of human needs and abilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities and ensures equal access to goods and services. ADA portable restrooms have become increasingly popular to ensure maximum accessibility to accommodate most portable restroom users, especially at construction sites. Design standards make public restrooms and other facilities accessible to special needs individuals, which reflect the users’ needs regarding the mounting heights for common accessories like mirrors, paper towel dispensers, waste receptacles, soap dispensers, and toilet partition-mounted equipment. These large and spacious restrooms were specifically designed to meet the American Disability Association’s portable restroom guidelines.

Honey Bucket offers a full line of ADA handicap-accessible restroom trailers that are ideal not only for construction but also for industrial and government use. Our certified line varies in size and can accommodate any number of users. Each one of our ADA-compliant restroom trailers are engineered to function safely and efficiently and provide users with maximum privacy. Many of our ADA handicap-accessible restroom trailers also include additional restroom suites, making a combined facility solution for both handicap individuals and the general public.

Beyond Versatility

ADA Freedom open

Although our ADA-compliant line of restrooms are ideal for public use where wheelchair accessibility is required, these units are also are surprisingly perfect for private events and community gatherings such as fairs, festivals and parades where large, roomy restroom interiors are desired. They can easily facilitate necessary event wardrobe changes, such as at rustic outdoor weddings. They are significantly larger than our other portable restrooms and are also family friendly for those parents who may require extra space to accompany their children to the restroom. These units get rave reviews from guests and caregivers who appreciate the extra room for tending to toddlers, changing diapers, or simply keeping their kids within sight.

Special Features

Honey Bucket offers ADA compliant restrooms designed to support special needs individuals. Some of the features you’ll find in our line of ADA compliant restrooms include:

  • Spacious interior for a wheelchair to make a 360-degree turn
  • Flat-floored wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Strategically positioned and reinforced handrails
  • Stocked toilet paper dispensers provide worry-free operation
  • Oversized self-closing door for easy access
  • Inner door latch for maximum privacy
  • ADA Compliant no-slip ramp system
  • Well-vented to help reduce odors
  • Lightweight reinforced construction allows for easy mobility

Call Honey Bucket at (800) 444-2371 to learn more.

Your Guests Have to Go! Renting Portable Toilets for Your Big Day

portable restroom trailer

Although it may not feel like it now, spring is right around the corner. Soon it will be the season for wedding bells and joyful celebrations. Planning a wedding is not without its challenges and choosing portable restrooms should not be one of them.

Although not as glamorous as selecting a photographer or florist, portable restrooms can play an important role in the success of your wedding. Nobody wants to think about portable toilets on their wedding day. And with Honey Bucket you won’t have to. We understand the importance of your big day and can help it go off without a hitch.

We offer a variety of styles and sizes to provide comfort and safety for your guests. We have everything from stand alone units to trailers with lights. Our units offer optional features that include anything from lights and mirrors to hand sanitizers and a freshwater sink operated by a sanitary, hands-free pump.

A convenient, classy and clean restroom facility will let your guest spend more time on the dance floor and less time waiting in long lines. Honey Bucket will provide you with a quality portable restroom solution to match your style and budget. Just leave the details to us.

Most importantly, Honey Bucket takes pride in providing you with onsite maintenance service for restocking paper products and general cleanliness. Our attention to comfort, safety, and cleanliness is unmatched. We also provide 24/7 emergency services so you can have just one less thing to worry about.

Planning Guide

luxury restroom trailers

You can relax and enjoy your special event with confidence knowing that Honey Bucket will take expert care of you and your guests. No event is too big or too small. Let our planning specialists help you have one less to “do” on your list. They will start by asking a few questions:

  • How many people will be attending?
  • Are food and/or drinks (especially liquors) being served?
  • How long is your special event expected to last?

Under normal conditions most people will use the facilities once every four hours. Each portable restroom accommodates a maximum of 125 uses. Weather conditions and the consumption of food, drinks, and alcoholic beverages will increase usage by 30-40%.

We make portable restroom planning simple and stress free with clean, modern porta potty styles and sizes for every occasion. Contact us today online or at (800) 444-2371.

Special Event Planning: The Devil is In the Details

port a potty rentalPlanning a successful event takes time and effort. When your guests are provided with adequate facilities, they enjoy themselves more, stay longer, and maximizes your revenues. But as those frustrated guests who attended a recent concert in Virginia can tell you, that is not always the case. Even though organizers sold more than 4,000 concert tickets, only 16 portable restrooms were on site.

Some fed-up guests left the event early and the disaster had others asking for a refund. Unfortunate planning like this can be difficult to recover from and may tarnish your event’s brand for years.

Will my special event have enough restrooms?

Although this may not be the first item on your list, it is nevertheless a critical one. Portable toilets have come a long way through the years and provide you with a convenient low cost solution. They take up little space and can be placed almost anywhere.

At Honey Bucket, our portable toilets now come with anti-bacterial hand sanitizers (included at no additional charge). We also offer restrooms with hand washing stations, lights, and flushing toilets. Your guests will appreciate the convenience of not having to wait in a long line or walk down the road to find the nearest restroom facility. And you’ll appreciate knowing your guest’s most basic needs are met.

How many restrooms will my event need?

Call Honey Bucket today to select from our diverse collection of sizes, floor plans, and interior designs that suit your needs. As a locally owned company, we understand what it takes to keep your guests happy. Our planning experts can help you determine the proper quantities for parties, weddings, sporting events, and grand openings. Click here for our planning chart.

Why Record Keeping Matters (even in Portable Sanitation)

There are industries that specialize in record keeping. Accounting, law, and history are a few that jump to mind. Portable sanitation usually isn’t one of them.

Like most industries, however, the player with the most data (and the know-how to use it) wins.

In portable sanitation, the important data isn’t limited to financials.

Here are just a few pieces of information your service provider should be tracking.

1) Total attendance

portable toilet rental

The most obvious metric – how many people are showing up? More people require more toilets, more hand washing stations, etc.

2) Traffic arrival (when attendees arrive and at what rate)

This records when attendees arrive and at what rate. A concert, for example, will have most of their attendees arrive all at once. At a fair, however, the attendees arrive gradually.

3) Traffic departure (when attendees leave and at what rate)

Whether an event ends abruptly (like an outdoor movie) or gradually (like a beer festival or fair) determines whether units will be used gradually or all at once when people leave.

4) Unit traffic (traffic per unit)

This is how we can establish how often each of the units were used, which were underused, and which were overused.

5) Unit Locations (maps)

portable toilet rentals

Combined with traffic per unit, we can establish where more units are needed and where less are required. Saving our clients money by eliminating units they don’t need is just as important to us as renting additional units when the situation requires it. When our customers succeed they’ll come back next year and the year after next.