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Portable Restroom Rental for Home Construction Projects


Construction_1Whether your next home construction project involves remodeling, fixing your roof, landscaping, painting or adding on to your home, it’s worthwhile to consider renting an outdoor portable restroom for the duration of the project. Although it’s not the first aspect of home renovation that typically comes to mind, keeping construction worker bathroom traffic outside your home is a good idea for many reasons.

  • Cleanliness – There’s bound to be a lot of extra mess in your home’s guest bathroom if numerous workers are tracking the outdoors – or cement, dirt, drywall dust, etc. – into the indoors. Constantly cleaning up after everyone will likely be necessary for the duration of your project unless they can use an outdoor portable restroom.Construction_2
  • Access and Privacy for Family Members – Providing a portable restroom for those working at your home means that your family always has access to your bathrooms and your home is a bit more private.
  • Saves Money – The cost of an outdoor portable restroom is relatively low when you consider how your water bill will rise with constantly flushing toilets and faucets running.
  • It’s Better for the Environment – Not only do portable restrooms conserve water, they typically have environmentally-friendly deodorizing products that don’t have harsh chemical ingredients.
  • It’s Better for Your Septic Tank – When you have a portable restroom on your property, you will save three gallons of water per flush. This adds up – especially when there are numerous people using your bathroom over the duration of your project.
  • Facilities Access if Your Water is Being Turned Off – Is the water in part of your home, or all of your home, being turned off at any point in the process of your construction project? If so, a portable restroom can be the answer to necessary access.
  • Keeps Potentially Dangerous Debris Out of Your House – Some projects involve working with hazardous materials that could find their way into your home if workers need to enter it to use your bathroom.

We Can Help


Honey Bucket is an experienced provider of hygienic portable restrooms to construction project sites, both large and small. We take pride in our professional approach and are committed to providing the best planning assistance, equipment, and service.

Call us at 800-444-2371 or contact us online for more information. Our experienced team will help you plan appropriately for your home construction project’s portable restroom needs.


Upgrade to Comfort-Plus Portable Restrooms for your Father’s Day and Graduation Events


As you plan your Father’s Day and Graduation celebrations, it is important to consider the comfort of your guests in every way – particularly, if your parties are outdoors. While some hosts and hostesses select the standard, outdoor portable restroom to save on clean up and provide easy access, many now upgrade to Honey Bucket’s new Comfort-Plus portable restrooms due to their extra level of comfort, cleanliness, and reasonable pricing.

comfort2Our Comfort-Plus restrooms are different from standard models in that they are manufactured with Sanafor, an antimicrobial technology that reduces bacteria levels by 99.9999 percent. The material actually controls the growth of all microorganisms on the restroom’s plastic surfaces, providing long-lasting protection against bacteria, fungi (mold and mildew), and algae that can cause odor and stains.

comfort3Each safe and environmentally-friendly Comfort-Plus restroom also has a solar-powered, internal night light that is especially convenient for evening and night events.

Other Comfort-Plus features include:

  • Comfort-Plus unit’s ergonomic tank design allows space for legs which is more comfortable for your guests and helps keep users clean
  • Each unit has vent screens built into its panels so vandals cannot remove the unit and insects stay out
  • Comfort-Plus units have urinal drain pipe vents that don’t clog
  • All units have a 3-roll bathroom tissue holder with a shelf

For just a little bit more, your guests can enjoy the advantages of the Comfort-Plus portable restroom.

Honey Bucket is Here for You

From the largest event with hundreds of portable restrooms and on-site attendants to a single unit for a Father’s Day family picnic or a Graduation party, Honey Bucket provides portable restroom services for all types of special events.

We are committed to providing you the best planning assistance, equipment, and service. Our experienced staff will help you determine how many Comfort-Plus Restrooms you will need for your event as well as the best spot to place them. We work hard to ensure all attendees at your event will have a pleasant experience when they use our restrooms.

We pride ourselves on fast and efficient service that meets all your needs. We have a variety of products and services available and a friendly staff to help you each step of the way and making sure everything is what you need, want and expect. You can easily request a quote online or call us at 800-444-2371 for more information and to speak to a Special Events representative.