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About Us

Big 4th of July Party? You Need a Porta Potty!

July 3, 2019


You know what July 4th is all about. On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was officially recognized by our governing parties, freeing America from the rule of England’s monarchy, no longer rendering us a colony subject to the crown. So, we refer to it as either the 4th of July or Independence Day, and it’s a holiday when people put their personal politics aside and unite with a sense of heightened pride, patriotism and unity seldom seen.

Today, the 4th of July is a day of celebration. We hold festivals, fairs, parades, barbecues, parties, attend fireworks displays and so forth. It’s a day of leisure, fun, food, drink, and happiness. Are you hosting a large 4th of July party this year with lots of guests?

If so, you have some preparing to do. From the food to perhaps renting tables, portable chairs, or a tent, citronella candles, roman candles, sparklers, red white and blue tablecloths, a great sound system, plenty of beverages and whatever else you might need for a good time, there’s a certain rental that absolutely cannot be forgotten: a porta potty.

Preparing for The Big Party

bigpartyHow many guests are you expecting? The turnout can certainly be unpredictable. Sometimes, less than half of the people you invite show up, while at other times, everyone you invite shows up with two or three guests in tow.

And while the spirit of the holiday is certainly the more the merrier, you want to be prepared. Even by sending out invitations with RSVP requests, RSVP responses are unreliable. Now, let’s say you’re expecting 50 guests or more. That’s a lot of people to accommodate, but not impossible, as long as you’re prepared.

Now, in an ideal situation, you wouldn’t want to have 50+ guests traipsing in and out of your bathroom. Regular household plumbing is simply not equipped to handle that much use. If you’re worried that your guests will be apprehensive about using a porta potty, put your fears at ease.

Porta potties from reputable companies are delivered in clean, pristine condition, with soap dispensers, paper towels, and will not leave anyone feeling unclean or uncomfortable after use. For even larger crowds, multiple porta potties can be rented so that there are no lines, and your guests have access to the portable bathrooms as needed.

Making It An Outdoor Party?

outdoorpartyRenting porta potties is an extremely convenient idea for an outdoor party with a large crowd. The 4th of July is about leisure. Sitting by the pool, swinging in a hammock, drinking a cold beverage, conversing with friends and taking it easy before the stars come out and the fireworks start.

With outdoor bathrooms, your guests will not have to keep going back and forth inside the house to use the bathroom and then back out again.

Rather, everything will be set up discreetly and tastefully, completely unobtrusive. Your backyard will still look fantastic; nicely decorated, neat, and easy for your guests to use.

We’re Here To Help!

callusIf you’re planning a large 4th of July party, graduation party, backyard wedding reception or other outdoors event with lots of guests, consider the convenience of renting clean, convenient, discreet Porta Potties from a reliable company such as Honeybucket.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can be reached at (512) 309-4609. A staff member will help you plan your next major event and will go over the various rental options available to you, so you determine exactly what you need and plan accordingly.

With Honeybucket, your next outdoor event will have everything you need for you and your guests to have a great time.