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Benefits of Using Portable Sinks For Your Next Event

May 2, 2013

Having an event, consider portable sinks!


Portable sinks are an ideal choice for many occasions. Many times people are in need of a sink to wash their hands or clean up. This is especially true with festival events, theme parks and special occasions. It’s also most important that one is able to have access to a sink to wash their hands after using a portable restroom.

There are many benefits that portable sinks offer people such as a deep reservoir sink to wash their hands in and wrist arms if needed. Portable sinks also include an anti-bacterial soap dispenser and a paper towelette dispenser.

Another beneficial aspect of portable sinks is that they are able to heat water so that people can have access to hot water when washing their hands and cleaning up. The combination of the liquid anti-bacterial soap and hot water are enough to effectively clean and sanitize one’s hands.

The hot water is able to be heated by a heat exchanger that is installed within the portable sink. With the unit plugged in, the heat level can be changed to the desired setting. Portable sinks typically carry at least enough water for up to 300 uses or more. Additionally, portable sinks are designed to be light-weight.

This is especially true if it’s being moved. Many other features can also be integrated into portable sinks depending on the specific model. Other features might include a mirror or double sink basins.

There are also other typical features that are designed into a portable sink such as a hands-free operated pedal and a drain hose for the ability to quickly clean the sink. This is all designed into a slim, portable unit that is easy to hook up at an event when needed.

Individuals, business owners or other event sponsors who are setting up amenities for an event should consider portable sinks as well. This will ensure attendees are capable of cleaning themselves and benefiting from the ability to wash their hands so they can eat without contaminating their food. Staying clean means no diseases or other germs being spread that can make people sick.

Having an event? Need Portable Hand Washing Stations in Thrall, TX? Call Honeybucket today at (512) 309-4609.