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Benefits of Renting Wheelchair Accessible Portable Bathrooms During Your Next Event

June 13, 2013

Having an outdoor event? Consider renting wheelchair accessible portable bathrooms!


When an event or celebration needs to be taken outdoors, portable bathrooms become a must. Usually such an event means there will be a lot of people and some parks don’t have enough of these convenient facilities to handle a large crowd.

This crowd of people may include one or more who need a wheelchair to get around. If you don’t know this ahead of time, you should find out. Even so, there are more benefits of renting wheelchair accessible portable bathrooms than not doing so. The size of a standard portable bathroom is much too small for those in a wheelchair, and the larger one is necessary for their use. Another name for this bathroom is a wheelchair accessible honey pot.

In addition to those who need a wheelchair to get around, the larger portable bathrooms are very handy for parents with small children. Children need assistance when using the facility, and there is much more room to move around in the larger bathrooms. Larger-built people will also benefit with these wheelchair accessible honey pots. They feel a little bit tight in the standard size portable bathroom.

Even those people who are average size will choose these bathrooms over the standard size. Everyone likes to have more room to do what they need to do.

The main benefit of renting a wheelchair accessible portable toilet is the fact that wheelchair-bound people will be able to attend the event without worrying about which bathroom they could use. No one should feel left out because they are physically challenged.

The benefits of renting these wheelchair accessible portable bathrooms outweighs the cost. The attendees at the event will thank you for your consideration of their needs and comfort.

Looking to rent a portable toilet for your next outdoor event?  Contact Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609!