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Benefits of Renting A Holding Tank For A Portable Toilet

September 22, 2014

Why Rent A Holding Tank For A Portable Toilet


Portable Toilet Holding TankMany people rent portable toilets for parties and outdoor events or projects. Portable toilets are great for these events because they are small and simple. However, portable toilet tanks can get full since everyone constantly using them. This is why holding tanks were created for portable toilets. These holding tanks basically increase the liquid capacity for the toilet. This means that the owner or renter does not have to constantly run to the portable toilet and empty the tank if its liquid capacity starts to get full. Holding tanks really can make a difference for your portable toilet, which is why there are so many benefits and reasons why renting one for your toilet is the best idea.

Size and Capacity

As said before, portable toilets are useful for many outdoor events and projects, but their liquid capacity is not very large, which is why holding tanks are perfect for these toilets. Holding tanks come in many different sizes. These sizes range from 5 to 300 gallons. There are also even larger holding tanks, but those would probably be for more serious jobs or events! It’s also a great thing that there are many different sizes for holding tanks. This allows the renter or owner to have more flexibility in selecting the perfect holding tank for their portable toilet. For example, a holding tank with a size of 5 or 10 gallons is perfect for a weekend camping trip. The variety of sizes for holding tanks really do help people in all situations.

Portable Tanks

Another great thing about holding tanks is that there are many different kinds. For example, the most popular kinds of holding tanks are the portable ones. These portable holding tanks have one handle and two wheels each, which is perfect for people who travel frequently and are always on the go. The portability of these kinds of holding tanks makes it easier for people to empty the tank at a dumping station. Who doesn’t love a quick and easy transfer when it comes to portable toilets?

Taylor Portable Toilet RentalCleanliness

Portable toilets without holding tanks tend become messy after a few uses. The liquid-carrying tank inside a portable toilet is not the most efficient so after being used several times, the tank starts to become messy and an odor starts to emit from the toilet. However, holding tanks can simply fix this problem because they provide a little help to the portable toilet tank. Holding tanks are made of polyethylene plastic and have many entry ports, which will prevent an odor from emitting. These entry ports can also withstand being used several times by many people.


Overall, holding tanks really can make a difference for portable toilets. These tanks help keep portable toilets clean, they increase the capacity of these toilets, and these tanks are also portable so they can easily follow and go along with the porta-potties. Holding tanks are great investments. They also are a big help to portable toilets.

We want to make sure our Taylor customers are happy, so leave the clean and ready-to-go porta-potties up to Honeybucket. Don’t delay and call (512) 309-4609 today!