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Benefits of Providing Portable Sink Stations on Girl Scout Trips

June 24, 2016

Benefits of Providing Portable Sink Stations on Girl Scout Trips

Becoming a girl scout can help to prepare a young girl to become a well-rounded and functional adult. While girl scouts participate in some different activities, such as selling their famous cookies, one of the most important functions is the periodic camping trips in which they spend several nights out in an open and natural environment.

girl-scoutsAlthough very little consideration is given to hygiene when discussing the necessities for these types of camping excursions, the truth is that it plays a significant role in ensuring the overall health of the troops, as well as providing an invaluable convenience.

One way that girl scout troops can improve hygiene is by using portable sinks that will allow them to wash their hands before meals, or to clean out a new wound.

Following are some compelling benefits associated with using portable sinks to serve the needs of troops when they are in the wilderness.

Reduces the Spread of Germs

The truth is that germs are everywhere, and the spread of germs are common in almost any environment; however, when a group of girls is living in the open environment, the exposure to germs and the subsequent spread of these germs is increased exponentially.

The presence of mobile sinks provides a tool that will allow these young girls to wash those parts of their body that are most commonly involved in the spreading of germs, such as hands, wrists, and arms. With most of these portable systems, it is possible to heat water for the purpose of improving the washing process.

Cleaning Hands Before Meals

Most children are taught very early in life about the importance of washing their hands before eating. Unfortunately, nature does not provide a readily available option to facilitate this particular process. Using a portable sink to promote hand washing can ensure that every member of the troop will be able to make sure that their hands are clean before eating.

Cleaning New and Open Wounds

While no one looks forward to the inevitable scrape and minor puncture, it is bound to happen. Under normal circumstances on a campground, it can be difficult to thoroughly flush these wounds to make sure that they are completely clean.

While there will normally be peroxide in the first aid kit, it is unlikely that it will be sufficient to completely clean out a wound. By having a portable water supply or cleaning station, an injury can be rinsed out until it is clean. The heating function can help enhance the cleaning process as well.

girl-scout-camping-tripReducing the Risk of Allergic Reactions

One of the most common occurrences associated with these types of outings is the development of allergic reactions due to exposure to certain plants and bugs.

Having the ability to wash consistently and clean those body parts that are most likely to become exposed to plants that can cause an allergic reaction, the risk of actually experiencing an allergic reaction can be reduced significantly.

In many instances, a child or adult will come in contact with a plant that is poisonous or highly irritable, but the inability to quickly clean the area that came in touch with the plant leads to them breaking out. With the presence of a mobile sink, the access to a means through which they can immediately clean and rinse the area can help to reduce the adverse effect of coming in contact with the plant in the first place.

Simple Convenience

Part of being in the wilderness is giving up some of the amenities and natural conveniences that people have grown accustomed to; however, there are certain conveniences that many people are simply not willing to sacrifice. Some of the amenities that fall under this category include:

  • The ability to actually clean hands after relieving oneself.
  • Washing the face after waking in the morning
  • Having the capacity to brush teeth in the morning and the evening
  • While roughing it is the idea, there are merely certain areas in which access to clean water is necessary.

smores-campingPreparing Food

It is almost impossible to adequately prepare food without the use of a clean water supply. Rarely is consideration given to the need to properly clean food before cooking it. A mobile sink will allow the cook to prep the food in a manner the ensures the food is healthy.

Food can carry dangerous bacteria that can make those who consume it sick, or worse. By properly cleaning the food, the risk of the food being contaminated can be drastically reduced.

The uses associated with a portable sink are multitudinous, and with all of the activities that girl scout troops participate in during their outdoor trips, there are numerous uses for a portable water station that may have been omitted here. The benefits of convenience, health and safety are immeasurable.

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