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Benefits of Holding Tanks for Portable Toilets

December 19, 2012

The primary function of a holding tank is to increase the capacity of a portable toilet which will lengthen the amount of time between servicing for emptying.

Holding tanks come in sizes from five to 300 gallons or more. For small portable toilets, such as might be used at a hunting camp, even five extra gallons of storage could be enough to take a small group through a weekend.

Portable holding tanks, with a handle and two wheels, are available for recreational vehicles. These make it easier for travelers to empty the tank at the dumping station, to deal with gray and black water.

One of the least desirable conditions at an event where porta-potties have been installed for sanitary needs is for the toilets to fill before the event is over. Clean portable toilets are tolerable. Nearly-full ones are horrible and can leave a bad impression on attendees forever.

Large holding tanks can provide a solution. These will be installed when the porta-potties are brought to your site. Large tanks are usually made of polyethylene plastic and have more than one entry port to serve multiple toilet units. They may be installed above or below ground.

If the portable toilets are hooked to a water source, but are not served by sewer lines, a holding tank is a requirement to handle the volume of waste liquid which will be generated. Temporary holding tanks can be installed under trailers where sewer are not available and connected to regular bathroom fixtures. This application is particularly suited to trailer-based offices at construction sites.

For any large installation, professionals should do the work. Placement and connections will be done properly with no fears of backwash or leaks. Some tank designs are made to stack where extra storage is needed. Deodorizers will be added to the tank to help control odors.

In any location where a temporary or portable toilet is to be used, holding tanks can provide a better experience for users and increase the waste storage capacity

Need portable toilets along with a holding tank for your upcoming event in Thrall? Call Honeybucket today at (512) 309-4609  for reliable products and services you can depend on  for your social event, construction site or camping trip.