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Sure porta-potties are at home on a construction site, where their grizzly look has no impact. But at your party? Maybe not.

What starts out as a high-end runway model caliber party can quickly take a dive when your guests take a look at their bathroom situation.

Not only do they look out of place at a party, but they can also hardly be welcoming to your guests. As word gets around about your bathroom situation – you can quickly find a dive in attendance, which no one ever wants!

But with a few simple tips, your old porta-potty can actually become a fun and cool accent at your event that everyone will be talking about.

What’s a Party Without a Porta-Potty?

When traditional bathrooms are nowhere near you, a porta potty always gets the job done. While your guests may get in and out as quickly as possible – to avoid contamination obviously – with some simple sprucing and decoration, it can actually become a memorable experience. Some simple tips that go a long way include:

  • Always Add Creature Comforts: Just because it’s a porta-potty doesn’t mean you don’t have to treat it like a regular bathroom. Add some decorative soaps, lotions, heck even some perfumes – your guests will thank you later.
  • Make Things Efficient: As An Inspired Affair mentions, designating some of the bathrooms for the ladies can be a great way to keep things moving, particularly at events where long gowns are involved.
  • Spruce Things Up: Consider bringing some of your own home decors to your bathroom. A rug, some baskets with popuri or magazines, even a mirror can go a long way to make things look larger and cleaner.
  • Fresh Smells Always Work: Of course smell is always a concern. While you don’t want to overwhelm things with air fresheners that only mask odors, try making things smell fresher with some essential oils.

The essential part of elevating your porta-potty is treating it more like a traditional bathroom. You can find plenty of more ideas online – and some particularly good ones in this wedding inspired-blog.

Hit The Web – Get Inspired

Porta-potties get a bad rap because of their look, smell, and just about everything. But with a little inspiration and everyone’s favorite decorating tool, Pinterest, you can find some good looking bathroom designs for your next party.

A good place to start is the facade of your portable toilet. While you can’t completely hide a potty, you can at least creatively cover it up. Instead of showing the entire unit, only show the front doors. Whether you’re covering up the backend with a tent or with some landscaping, it’ll give it a cleaner look.

If you’re having an outdoor party or even a wedding, let the outdoors come inside! Be sure to hand flowers, foliage, even an earthy-looking wreath, for the upscale vibe. You can also completely cover things up with some unique curtains or doors – or even better – find out if your company has off colors or allows you to paint things for an easy matching design that goes with your colors.

Glamour is Everywhere

Although a porta-potty may not be your top choice for your party, it doesn’t have to be a hindrance either. Everything can be made to fit your style and taste with a little TLC. The more time you put into decorating and streamlining the use of these porta-potties, the less they become a problem and the more they become a fun talking point.

As always you also want to find a quality company to work with, and no one outdoes Honeybucket. With years in the industry and some creative ideas, we can elevate your portable toilet into a practical addition to your next event.

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