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About Us

ADA Compliance: What Customers Need to Know

April 30, 2015

ADA Freedom profile

Public restrooms are a real critical amenity because they need to be responsive to a wide range of human needs and abilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities and ensures equal access to goods and services. ADA portable restrooms have become increasingly popular to ensure maximum accessibility to accommodate most portable restroom users, especially at construction sites. Design standards make public restrooms and other facilities accessible to special needs individuals, which reflect the users’ needs regarding the mounting heights for common accessories like mirrors, paper towel dispensers, waste receptacles, soap dispensers, and toilet partition-mounted equipment. These large and spacious restrooms were specifically designed to meet the American Disability Association’s portable restroom guidelines.

Honey Bucket offers a full line of ADA handicap-accessible restroom trailers that are ideal not only for construction but also for industrial and government use. Our certified line varies in size and can accommodate any number of users. Each one of our ADA-compliant restroom trailers are engineered to function safely and efficiently and provide users with maximum privacy. Many of our ADA handicap-accessible restroom trailers also include additional restroom suites, making a combined facility solution for both handicap individuals and the general public.

Beyond Versatility

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Although our ADA-compliant line of restrooms are ideal for public use where wheelchair accessibility is required, these units are also are surprisingly perfect for private events and community gatherings such as fairs, festivals and parades where large, roomy restroom interiors are desired. They can easily facilitate necessary event wardrobe changes, such as at rustic outdoor weddings. They are significantly larger than our other portable restrooms and are also family friendly for those parents who may require extra space to accompany their children to the restroom. These units get rave reviews from guests and caregivers who appreciate the extra room for tending to toddlers, changing diapers, or simply keeping their kids within sight.

Special Features

Honey Bucket offers ADA compliant restrooms designed to support special needs individuals. Some of the features you’ll find in our line of ADA compliant restrooms include:

  • Spacious interior for a wheelchair to make a 360-degree turn
  • Flat-floored wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Strategically positioned and reinforced handrails
  • Stocked toilet paper dispensers provide worry-free operation
  • Oversized self-closing door for easy access
  • Inner door latch for maximum privacy
  • ADA Compliant no-slip ramp system
  • Well-vented to help reduce odors
  • Lightweight reinforced construction allows for easy mobility

Call Honey Bucket at (800) 444-2371 to learn more.