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About Us

A Slice of Portable Pottie History

April 10, 2015

The History of Portable Toilets

Taylor Portable ToiletsWhy Portable Toilets Were Invented

The portable toilet can be traced back to 1942 and began in the ship building business in California. The men working on the ships would have to go to the docks each time they need to go to the bathroom. One of the owners of a ship building business noticed the large loss of time and the effort being wasted during working hours because of this problem.

He talked to the company that dumped the bathroom septic tanks of the permanent toilets on the docks if they thought they could come up with something similar for the guys building ships to use on the premises.

What Kind of Portable Toilet was Invented?

They then designed a toilet down where they ships were being built in a small enclosed unit with a small septic tank that could be dumped when they came to dump the permanent septic tanks up on the docks. The idea soon caught on with other ship builders and then the idea caught on with construction companies and places like sporting events, carnivals, the circus, etc. The first portable toilets were made out of some metal and wood. They then improved them as time went on and tried fiberglass which wasn’t as heavy but still had the same problems of keeping the odors around and were hard to keep sanitary.

How the Portable Toilets Have Changed

Taylor Portable ToiletsPortable toilets were soon changed into Polyethylene plastic material because it was much less heavy, didn’t absorb the odors, and were easier to keep clean and sanitary. This type has continued to be used for today’s uses. It is very popular because it is an all in one unit which is easy to move around, lighter weight because it is a form of plastic; it doesn’t absorb smells and can be kept clean easier. It also doesn’t require any power to use so it is very easy to take and use anywhere.

Companies can now be offered the services of not only dumping the tank, but cleaning and sanitizing the whole unit-the toilet and the portable house it comes in, and they can even get rid of the smell and restock whatever supplies you need. It is very practical, inexpensive, easy to use, and takes care of all the details for you. When you are done needing their services, you can just call them and they come pick it up.

Are you looking to rent a portable toilet in the Taylor area? Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 for the cleanest units in town!