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A Guide to Portable Bathrooms

February 2, 2013

Port-a-Potty Rentals in Taylor, TX | Out House Rentals | Portable Toilets

There are many reasons to install ancall Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 for the best deals around on functional, affordable and top-quality portable bathrooms.other bathroom. Portable bathrooms are ideal for short or long term use especially if you don’t want a lot of people lining up at your permanent bathroom inside your house. Before you run out and buy any portable bathroom, you must do a little research.

Maybe you are hosting a wedding, or family reunion weekend with many extended family members, or a birthday party. For these situations, a portable bathroom is ideal. Next you need to figure out what type of portable bathroom you’re in need of. There are portable bathrooms on wheels that can be parked right in your yard, some with multiple stalls and some may even have a toilet, sink, and shower. Depending on the type of people you’re trying to accommodate, there are port-a-potties with different amenities. For instance, some come with handicap ramps for easy access.

With honey pots, the technology and design involved can save you a pretty penny – when chosen wisely. For instance, a solar bathroom where all the piping is hidden behind a panel. This type is ideal for cabins, cottages, or camp grounds. A relatively new portable bathroom has been introduced from Europe. The macerating toilet is great for a longer installation – many months to many years as it’s design minimizes waste clutter by cutting up the masses before they enter the drains. The great thing about this type of bathroom is that all the piping is placed on top of the flooring. There is no need to dig up the floor or concrete to install sewer lines, water pipes, etc. Waste and toilet paper are cut up and flushed into existing sewer or septic systems. These bathrooms can be installed right in a bedroom where someone has trouble walking a long distance to the existing bathroom. Then when the bathroom is no longer needed it can be uninstalled.

Your local honey pot rental service can offer great insight as to which portable toilets you need. For the premium Taylor, TX port-a-potty rental service