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About Us

A Brief History on Portable Bathrooms

August 16, 2013

Things to know about portable bathrooms


Outhouses or latrines, which resemble portable bathrooms, have existed for decades. However, outhouses usually consist of a wooden or metal structure over a hole in the ground and are, therefore, permanent, not portable. True portable bathrooms were not created until the 1940’s, unless you count the chamber pot (a pot used to collect waste to be emptied at a later time), which was the main method of waste disposal before toilets were created in the late nineteenth century.

Wood and metal structures fell into disuse and companies experimented with making portable bathrooms out of a variety of materials, including fiberglass. However, nowadays, portable bathrooms are most commonly made out of some sort of plastic. Plastic is durable, lightweight, and does not retain a smell, so it is the ideal material for a portable bathroom.

In addition to being easier to move, portable bathrooms are superior to outhouses or latrines because they are more sanitary. Outhouses or latrines typically dumped waste directly into a hole in the ground. When portable bathrooms were created, they used containers to catch the waste and to be emptied at a later time. Portable bathrooms are now more sanitary because they will contain a variety of chemicals meant to help limit the smell of the waste, and keep the bathroom clean.

More recent advances in the portable bathroom include the addition of locks on the doors, or signs that indicate wether or not the bathroom is occupied. Most portable bathrooms also contain a toilet paper dispenser, and some contain hand sanitizer or antibacterial gel. With these additions, the portable toilet is as sanitary as possible without the convenience of running water. Also, portable toilets are now created in different sizes to accommodate users in wheelchairs.

Portable bathrooms are extremely useful anywhere that indoor plumbing is not available, such as construction sites, parking lots, sporting fields, parks, or a variety of other locations.

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