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A Brief History Of Portable Bathrooms

June 6, 2013

Think you know portable bathrooms?


The portable toilet has become an invaluable part of outdoor events and activities. It’s use is more convenient than an outhouse, but is not quite as sanitary as indoor toilets. Before the portable toilet we were accustomed to using either an outhouse or simply finding an appropriate tree. The portable toilet has made the convenience of indoor plumbing accessible in the outdoor realm.The very first portable potty had its inception with the portable chamber pot. Since this variation tended to be a bit messy, their use was not standard and alterations to the idea continued to flourish. The portable toilet that we are accustomed to today took shape in the early 1960’s.

The first event or portable toilets were simple structures that contained a cold, plastic version of the indoor toilet. They did not tend to be very large and gained a reputation for being smelly and unsanitary. These early versions were made of heavy plastic for the walls, situated on a wooden or metal base for the floor.

The version of the portable toilet that we have today is very lightweight and easy to move. There are also a variety of styles and sizes to choose from if needing one or more for an event, party, or construction site. The original porta-potty did not have the ability to fit wheelchairs or multiple users. The unit today can be acquired to fit the wheelchair and will not have the traditional step to access it, making it more user friendly to the disabled.

One can also enjoy the fact that the more modern portable toilet comes with toilet paper and a holder for such. They also have a special mix of chemicals to make sure the smell is kept to a minimum and make them a bit more sanitary for use. Many portable toilets even have hand sanitation included to assure that the user has the most sanitary conditions available, even though there is no running water.

The toilet has come a long way from a simple hole in the ground or finding an available bush. The portable potty has the ability to offer private and sanitary conditions for the disposal of human waste in areas where plumbing is not found. While not as sanitary as indoor plumbing, strides in design and technology continue to improve the portable bathroom.

Need to rent a portable restroom for your next event or construction site?  Contact us at (512) 309-4609 so that we can help you!