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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Portable Potty In Your Event

December 5, 2012

Planning an event requires a person to consider many different details such as the location and types of entertainment; however, one important detail that many event planners tend to overlook is the need for clean and accessible restroom facilities. Many times, there are not enough restrooms at a location to comfortably fit the needs of the guests. In these instances, a portable toilet can provide the following benefits:

1. Eliminates Long Lines
One of the biggest complaints from guests at many events is a lack of available toilets. This is especially terrible at events with young children who need to go quickly. When a person makes sure that there are enough toilets to cover a large group’s needs, guests will be more likely to enjoy the event.

2. Clean and Sanitary
A common misconception about portable toilets is that they are messy; however, having more toilets means that each one will be cleaner. Additionally, portable toilets are made to be easy to clean. Having a sanitary place to use the restroom will be appreciated by every guest.

3. No Hassle Clean Up
After a large event, cleaning up is a major chore. Portable toilets eliminate this issue because they will be picked up and cleaned as a part of the portable toilet service.

4. Saves People Time
Weddings, outdoor concerts and other parties are often located far away from indoor restrooms. This can cause a person to have to walk a long way just to use the facilities. With a portable toilet, a person does not have to worry about wasting time while they are walking to and from the bathroom.

5. Perfect for Outdoor Events
Many times, a person may want to hold an event outside but is discouraged by the lack of bathrooms. In these cases, a portable restroom can be set up to make an outdoor area more accessible to everyone in attendance.

When a person makes sure to plan every aspect of their event, it is certain to go smoothly. For this reason, a portable toilet can be helpful for making sure that everyone is able to care for their needs and be comfortable without worrying about a need to use the restroom.

In need of a portable potty for your special event or gathering in the Rockdale, TX area? Call Honeybucket today at  (512) 309-4609.