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About Us

5 Common Porta Potty Myths

December 12, 2012

Let’s face it: the Porta Pottys often get a bad rep. Most people think of them as stinky, disgusting places and a last resort when it comes to taking care of their personal needs. They have even become the butt of many pop culture jokes and pranks. Fortunately, not all Porta Potties deserve that kind of reputation.

Myth 1: Porta Potties are only for dirty construction sites and sweaty construction workers. This is simply not true. While they are often used on construction jobs, they can also be used for a wide range of other occasions, such as festivals, weddings, parties, fairs, camping, sporting events, concerts, parks, fundraisers and almost any other event that requires you to spend a great amount of time outdoors.

Myth 2: Porta Potties are dirty and smelly. Sure, some Porta Potties are dirty and smelly, but many of them are not. It all depends on how well they are kept up and how often they are cleaned. Quality Porta Potties that are well-maintained by the company that rents them are just as fresh and clean as any indoor restroom can be.

Myth 3: Porta Potties are full of germs. Many people would be surprised to know that toilets often contain less germs than door handles, computer keyboards and other objects that are touched frequently. Again, a well-maintained Porta Potty does not carry an unusual amount of germs. Porta Potty users should always wash their hands or use hand sanitizer after taking care of their personal needs, just as they would after using any other toilet, but there is no greater risk of contracting germs.

Myth 4: Porta Potties are dark and cramped. Porta Potties have come a long way over the years. While they were once dark and cramped, many of them are bigger these days, and they may even include extra features such as a sink or hand sanitizer stations.

Myth 5: Porta Potties are expensive to rent. Renting a Porta Potty will not break the bank. Depending on how long you plan to use the facility, renters can enter into long-term contracts that will save them money. Prices usually include transportation and cleaning services.

Need portable toilets for your upcoming event? Call Honeybucket today at (512) 309-4609  for reliable products and services you can depend on  for your social event or construction site.