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4 Reasons to Bring a Portable Restroom on Your Winter Camping Trip

November 25, 2016

4 Reasons to Bring a Portable Restroom on Your Winter Camping Trip

Camping in the late fall and early winter is a beautiful experience. Crisp mornings and gorgeous afternoons are even more magical with the beautiful fall colors and leaves surrounding you. Cozy campfires are the best way to finish these days as we anticipate the colder winter season.


If you’re planning a fall camping trip, consider bringing a portable restroom. Not only will it improve the comfort of your trip but your camping party with thank you in the end!

Here are four other reasons why you should bring a portable restroom on your fall camping trip:

1. Privacy

private-portable-restroom-at-a-campsiteUsing the facilities is an incredibly private activity. Whether you are truly roughing it in the woods or visiting a campsite, there are not many options for going to the restroom.

Either you will be doing your business in the woods or in a crowded campsite bathroom. Neither of these options sounds appealing when you consider the option of bringing your own portable restroom for your campsite.

2. Convenience

Sometimes, when you have to go, you have to go. On larger campsites going to the restroom often involves a lengthy walk through avoid-public-restroomsthe site to the public restroom. Sometimes, this is not an option.

It’s also not convenient for those with kids or individuals who use the restroom frequently throughout the day or night.

3. Avoid the Distance

As we mentioned before, many campsites have public bathrooms that are often far away from the actual camping spots. Walking to and from these public bathrooms will start to eat up a lot of your trip especially if you have children who use the bathroom often.

No one goes camping to spend the entire time walking to and from the bathroom. A portable toilet will reduce the amount of time you convenient-camping-tripsspend walking to the toilets and increase the amount of time you spend having fun with your family.

4. No Need to Schedule Bathroom Trips

Anyone with more than one child knows the frustration of bringing one kid to the restroom and coming back only to find that the other kids now need to use the facilities. To avoid this, parents typically schedule bathroom trips.

This type of logistic planning is best left at work, not on a camping trip. Avoid complicated bathroom schedules and enjoy your trip with a portable toilet.

For more information on portable restrooms perfect for your upcoming winter camping trip, contact Amanda’s Honeypots in Taylor, TX at (512) 309-4609 today.