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3 Reasons Why Sanitation is Important in a Portable Unit

July 29, 2016

3 Reasons Why Sanitation is Important in a Portable Unit

Portable sanitation units such as portable toilets and portable hand-washing stations provide convenience for outdoor concerts, weddings, campsites, construction sites and more. While using these stations is never high on anyone’s list of favorite things to do, there are steps to take that will make the experience more pleasant and safe for everyone involved.

portable-unitsOut of all the characteristics of these portable units, effective sanitation is among the most important. No one wants to use a portable toilet that is dirty, messy or downright gross. Here are three reasons why sanitation is important for portable hand-washing stations and toilets:

Proper Sanitation will Disinfect and Prevent Disease

When dealing with raw sewage, incorrect sanitation and disinfection open up a whole world of possibilities in terms of transmitting disease and illness.

Some possible illnesses that could be transmitted from a dirty portable toilet include Influenza, Norovirus, Salmonella and even Hepatitis A. These infections and viruses range from inconvenient to life threatening and should be the number one reason why your portable toilets and handwashing stations receive proper disinfection.

A Clean Station is More Pleasant to Use

Using the facilities is a part of life. You would never want guests or workers on your outdoor site to feel like they need to avoid using the toilet or stop washing their hands because the unit itself is unsanitary.

Keeping the station clean is the same as keeping a permanent bathroom clean, it’s better for everyone involved and will provide comfort to your guests or employees that a clean and sterile bathroom is just a few steps away if needed.

cleaning-your-handsAvoid Messes and Embarrassment

While using the toilet is indeed a part of life, it’s not necessarily a part that everyone wants to broadcast over an outdoor event or construction site. A good portable toilet or portable handwashing station is one that is barely noticed except by those who are using it. Providing proper sanitation and making sure the unit stays clean and disinfected will reduce its overall impact on your site.

Nothing is worse than going to an outdoor event or construction site and hearing guests or workers warn each other about steering clear of the disastrous portable toilet.

For example, picture a beautiful outdoor wedding reception; now picture a messy, dirty portable toilet. These two things do not go together and can be avoided with proper sanitation and cleaning.

When you need to rent a clean and effective portable toilet or hand-washing station, call 512-309-4609 and speak with the experts at Honeybucket today servicing the Taylor, TX area.