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3 Reasons to Rent Portable Bathrooms for your Next Event

April 25, 2013

Having an event? Consider portable bathrooms!


To throw a huge party at your house there are a lot of things to consider. While arranging food, entertainment, and the perfect guest list, don’t let it slip your mind that all these people are going to need bathroom accommodations. If you set up some temporary facilities outside, you can manage the house better with less damage to floors and interior rooms. Here are the three main reasons why this will work for you.

1. It will limit the wear and tear your house will endure: There really is no telling how thrashed your place is going to be when you are done. Most people try to be respectful, but it only takes one person to make a huge mess. As parties run on, even the most considerate guests can lose some of their diligence in keeping facilities clean.

2. Eliminate lines at the bathroom: People are aware that after a certain number of guests the regular house plumbing is going to be max-ed out. If you want an event bigger than your house’s bathrooms can accommodate, you will need the extra facilities that portable bathrooms provide. In many cities, the law will require a bathroom for every ten people.

2. Ease and comfort: A simple phone call will get them dropped off. When they get there they will be clean and certified for use. While in use, the chemicals in the toilets help them remain odor free. A pre-arranged pick up time will get them removed. A truck will come and take away what could have been a huge cleaning endeavor.

Portable toilets are a very sanitary alternative to providing bathrooms with hard plumbing. The prices are usually very manageable considering all the damage and discomfort that not being prepared can cause. It also shows that you cared enough about your guests to think about their comfort.

Thinking about Portable Toilets to rent for your next social event in Taylor, TX? Call us today at (512) 309-4609!