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3 Reasons to Get Portable Sinks for Your Next Event

August 26, 2016

3 Reasons to Get Portable Sinks for Your Next Event

Are you planning an outdoor event or celebration? If so, you’re probably looking for ways to make sure your guests feel comfortable and welcome. No matter if it’s a wedding, a family reunion, a festival or a party, you’ll be paying close attention to important items like the menu, decoration, and entertainment.

wash-your-handsTo truly make your event special, your objective is to provide your guests with all of the comforts and conveniences they might find in a luxurious indoor venue with the natural beauty and serenity of the great outdoors.

One of the critical components to achieving this that should not be overlooked is the inclusion of portable sinks.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Holding an outdoor event usually means you will be renting portable toilets. Having portable handwashing stations nearby ensures greater sanitary conditions. Handwashing stations are also vitally important for anyone who will be preparing or serving food at your event.

There’s also no denying that some people, right or wrong, equate being outdoors with being in an unclean environment. For them, the availability of portable sinks to wash their hands, as they feel necessary will be a welcome feature.


If you’re catering an outdoor event, having handwashing stations nearby makes it easier to stay close to your food prep stations and remain focused on your guests and the task at hand, even if you have access to running water elsewhere on site. With this in mind, it’s often a good idea to have separate portable facilities for staff and guests so that your employees don’t have to wait in line and can return to work much faster.

get-portable-sinks-for-your-next-event 4.15.18 PMBeyond the need for portable sinks near food preparation stations and portable toilets, they can be useful if your event includes activities
after which guests may want to wash their hands.

This can include crafts and finger-painting for kids or physical competitions like three-legged races and touch football games.


Portable handwashing sinks arrive on-site complete with clean water in them, so there’s no need to pay for costly permanent or temporary water supply plumbing.

Portable sinks and hand washing stations are completely self-contained units with a reservoir for clean water and a holding tank for the used water, so there’s no need for drainage.

Honeybucket is the authority on portable toilet and handwashing stations in the Taylor TX area. To find out more about how we can help make your next outdoor event a great success at an affordable price, call 512-309-4609.