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special event rentals

Temporary Event Fencing

Honey Bucket's temporary fencing panels are available in a standard 10' x 6' size, are secured with a clamp, and come with a T-stand. They can adapt to any configuration your site requires.


  • Versatile - They can adapt to any configuration that your site requires.
  • Secured for safety and peace of mind.

Special Events: Honey Bucket products are regularly used at some of the largest events in the area, enclosing street festivals, protecting VIP areas, and keeping top talent safe from public access. From carnivals and outdoor concerts, to inaugurations and celebrations of every kind, Honey Bucket gets the job done.

Seasonal: From Christmas trees to nurseries, Honey Bucket is the perfect solution for seasonal sales of your products. During the day, customers can access your lot to buy merchandise. When you are finished for the day, you can lock up your entrance until you are ready for the next business day.

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